DFC #1

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"You are getting sleepy. You will pick up the knife. You will first decapitate the girl..."Wes Flinn

Hey! How come for us you never wear that tight little french maid's outfit, like you do when you serve Dad his breakfast?George McAuliffe

AWWWWW Ma, cat food again?!?!?keith corcoran

Yo Bitch! I said more orange juice! Now, Dammit!jk

Boy mom, things have really gone to shit around here since dad ran off with that male stripper.zazu

"I know you love that Early American motif, but buffalo tripe in the morning is a bit hard to take."Paul T. Riddell

Why am I the only one here who doesn't have the glazed look of a zombie?!Roger Rabehl

Hey! Mom! Did you hear about the meteor crash last night? It destroyed the three cartoons before this one!Daniel Saults

Whoa! Weren't you a D-cup in the last cartoon?anon

Jesus mom! When you said we were going to have another orgy, I didn"t think you meant food!Merrieweather

Aw, ma, all these bran cereals keep giving me the shits!anon

This gruel sure does taste better with a Republican in the Whitehouse!D Bailey

Mommy, how can you tell a booger from bran flakes?Mark Cable

Why mother, you look smashing! Simply smashing! Seriously, would it kill you to freshen up a little bit?pd

"Oh, yeah: Daddy said for me to tell you he's spending the weekend with Little Annie Fanny and Cherry Poptart, so don't bother making breakfast for him."Paul T. Riddell

Does Daddy know you're a lesbian?babysue

Mommy, I need some more milk on my Wheaties. Why don't you whip out one of your hoots and give me some straight from the tap?David J. Johnson

Okay. So we all eat rat poison so Daddy will feel bad about spending the night with his secretary. I got that part. What I want to know is why there isn't a bowl for you.Blake

Toast, juice, and cereal? Does this mean were to old to breast feed anymore?anon

Yeah mom, what are you going to do? Cut off my other leg?whatever

Dolly said you only had one orgasm last night, but we heard you scream three times!Mike Ross

I don't get it. When we watched that movie last night and Charlie Chaplin ate his shoe, you all laughed.Kluger Hans

This Soylent Green tastes like people!Nethicus

"So what I'm saying is don't you feel your life is an endless, meaningless parade of preparing meals for ungratfeful children and a distant, unspeaking spouse?"Tim Kaldahl

Mommy, whose pubic hair is in my cereal?anon

Mommy, why does my cereal taste like bitter almond?Mike

Faster with the peanut butter! We're losing Jeffy by the second!Bill Dettelback

Who marked out the expiration date on this milk?Roxanne LeReaux

Dad's wasted again. Am I goin' to have to draw today's strip?anon

Y'know, ma, if you and Dad got us on T-shirts or Burger King cups or something, we wouldn't hafta eat this damn generic puffed rice stuff for breakfast every morning.Brent Stocking

Daddy ... now that you've had the operation, are we supposed to call you Mommy?Richard K.

Mommy, why does your bathrobe tie at the waist if it only opens to the neck?anon

You don't have the guts to use that knife! You're a weak one, woman!anon

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