DFC #10

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

I need someone to blame this on! Where's that dumb dog?Ernie M.

"That's what I think of this HOUSE, that's what I think of YOU, and the next time it's gonna fuckin' BE you!"Tim Harrod

You call that crap "Haute Cuisine"!Rishmawy

"Okay, wise-ass. No fuckin' peas with the burger! Shall we try again?"C.Winstead

It's in several pieces and covered with crap. Kinda like your marriage, huh?Nethicus

You missed me bitch! Better work on that follow-through. HA, HA!jade

Hey next time you throw a plate at me put some dinner on it!!len webb

Don't worry, it's only one of those crappy plates that Mom orders from her housekeeping magazines. I'm sure she'll never miss it.anon

Daddy says he ate better than this in a Turkish prison.Roy Olsen

Jesus Christ, you call that carpet? I've seen pavement that had more give!Pete B.

Ya know, your aim would be better if you weren't drunk all the time!zazu

Why yes, that was the last plate of your wedding set. Kinda symbolic, dontcha think?anon

I am offering a 25 cent reward for information leading to the apprehension of this plate's real murderers.Trism

I was looking at my reflection and putting on my lipstick, when the plate slipped. Honest!ZooBoy

It hit me first!Trax

Alright Mom! I'm *TIRED* of this low fat shit! I want a Happy Meal!The Lightkeeper

Boy, your aim sucks as much as your food!anon

You'd best move that fat white ass of yours a lot faster next time, Bitch, or it won't just be a plate that gets slammed against the linoleum, you got that?!Craig

"Oh, no! All over our white carpet and our white walls and our white table and our white sofa and my white shi...aw, God-DAMMIT, Keane!!!"Andy Ihnatko

Your puny flatware is no match for the power of the Dark Side!Nethicus

I don't understand--how can accidents like this happen in a world created by a perfect and all powerful God?Matt Cohen

Daddy, quit ducking! Mommy almost got *me* with that one!ik

Oh fuckin' son of a bi... I, I mean "Whoops I dropped my plate mommy!"Harry G

Yes, the RED asterisk. Jeez! Click on it, and down here you'll see what kind of moronic remarks we'd like to avoid having to edit through.Rishmawy

Why is all your cooking based on a dare?anon

Damn, she's quick!M. Head

The dish was trying to run away with the spoon, so I had to off them both.Dark Roger

Daily gravity check! Yep, still works! See ya tomorrow!anon

Hey1 Watch it Mommy! That one cut my right leg down to a stub!Magus

" I don't care if Dolly COULD levitate plates when she was my age! I'm telling you I ain't got no damn shining!"anon

"Didn't I tell you this would happen the next time you put a Pocahontas plate in front of me?"anon

Hell, I look like a damned ape, why shouldn't I act like one?David J. Johnson

Mess, what mess? This is art!Ray Gaskill

I told you! A dark spectre with "Ida Know" on its chest took control of my body and smashed the plate! Dear God, why won't anyone believe me?!?Andy Ihnatko

Witness the awesome power of my mind!Dan

"See? A crashed saucer! Roswell wasn't an isolated instance!"Paul T. Riddell

It's one for the X-Files, Mom!anon

Society did it!Dan

For Christ's sake, you should have used leek instead of scallions!! This is totally wrong!!Pat Doggett

This plate is only the beginning. I'm going to trash this whole strip unless Bil gets in here with an eraser and FIXES MY DAMN FACE!Blake

Ha, Ha, you missed me again! Those pills really affect your aim.anon

The tarot cards, the tea leaves, and now this... It's time to dig Billy up for the ritual, Dad!Pagan

I don't fucking care if BIG BIRD and the POPE are at table 3, I want some service NOW, or I'll break every dish in this damned diner!The Unmasked Revenger

THAT's what I think of your freakin' $500 Gone With The Wind Plates!anon

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