DFC #11

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

When you're old, your turds look like this.Nethicus

Hey, check it out! I stole the cord from the old biddy's colostomy bag! Five bucks she doesn't notice until she's covered in shit!GM

Whoa! You ever take one of those dumps where the shit just keeps coming and coming in one big, long string?-db

Grandma, this isn't really the rope Grandpa hung himself with, is it?Pete B.

Mom said to use this 'cuz it won't scratch up the bedposts.zazu

I know it's not leather, but it'll have to do.Rishmawy

Come on, I'll teach you that hangman's knot you've been cryin' about.Rishmawy

This is a version of "jump rope" that one of daddy's CIA friends showed me...ZooBoy

OK Jeffy, lets play "capital punishment in Utah". kafka

Daddy says it's more fun to jerk your meat while suffocating.kafka

Now tie me up, spank me, and treat me like the bitch that I am.Ken D.

I think Gram's gone off the deep end. She's giving us her vericose viens.Ron Martin

Gramma told me to blow it out my ass, so here it is.anon

You sure this is a film of Grampa? The guy in it is wearin' nothing but a mask and black socks!anon

It's not every family that turns their kids' umbilical cords into a keepsake heirloom, Jeffy.Trism

Here, you can use this to keep that devotional statue of Grandma from falling off your head.Trism

You remember the "Hope Bracelet" Gramma showed us, with a pearl for each of her five kids? Wait 'till she sees what I found in Mommy's dresser drawer!Andy Ihnatko

Fortunately, Grampa was taking a nap on the sofa. Man, she wasn't lying! Ten and a half inches exactly!Andy Ihnatko

Oh man, look what Daddy did to another set of my good pantyhoseanon

I want to tie up the bitch and rape her, but you have the penis. You do it.billr

I found this under Daddy's car. I think it's the brake line.anon

I'm telling you Jeffy - this footage I found under Grandma's bed _proves_ that snuff films are real!Craig

I DID IT!!! I caught the dotted line that's been stalking you for all these years!!!Magus

Sorry Jeffy, but you can't join our secret club unless you take care of Grandma "permanently."Ray Gaskill

I've got a new game I saw on Oprah. It's called auto erotic asphyxiation!Michaelreed

"...and you should have seen the size of the tampon it was attached to!"Paul T. Riddell

"OK Billy, I'm gonna tie this rope around your neck for a little while and you go make grandma think I strangled you."Dagan Bernstein

OK, now look at frame 1029 -- if the shot came from the book depository, then why is Kennedy's head jerking *away* from the grassy knoll?El Vez

. . then granny spanks you, but it's a GOOD spanking, if you know what I mean . .anon

Mommy says this is what the milkman uses to make her feel like the dirty girl she is.Riff

Billy Why the hell did you have my "just my size Barbi" tied to the bed?!double t 4 @aol.com

"Yes - in her hair. Are you kidding, you could hide a truck in that wig." anon

How many feet of small intestine does Billy *really* need, anyway?panicboy

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