DFC #110

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Geez these Democrats are full of hot air! I mean, look, the T.V.'s floatin' off already...Doc Evil

Personally I think " Schoolhouse Rock " is HIGHLY overrated...Doc Evil

Family values, my ass! If we're not the poster children for pro-choice, I don't know who is!Joe Blow

Oh christ, not PBS too!zazu

Boy, I bet the sexual tension in that arena could power a small midwestern cityzazu

Christ, this is worse than the Mummer's parade!zazu

Dad was there 4 years ago. All I remember is seeing the next morning with a box Preparation H and this dreamy look on his face.zazu

Yup, there it is. Every year there's at least on retard who thinks Long Island is a state!zazu

Boy that Huffington bitch can really mosh!zazu

At exactly 8:15 a jet liner will crash into the convention center. I got the idea from a Tom Clancy book.zazu

Not only do they get this huge TV while we only have two sets of clothes apiece, but they put it up on a pedestal so my neck gets stiff watching it. And keep those hands on your elbows, buddy.anon

Jeffy wondered how this slack-jawed yokel, astounded by the Republican media circus, could possibly be related to him.Joe Blow

Dad, I know you think the elitist model of our government is undemocratic, but consider the POSSIBILITY of a pluralistic elitist model where the richest most powerful interest groups form a conglomeration of...whoops! Dad passed out again. Jeffy, see if you can snag his wallet.Blaine C

None of my political jokes have made it on. Is that because making fun of the Republican platform is pretty redundant?Greg J

Oh, the memories. I remember our little house in Pennsilvania. We lived there until the cops found out Mommy and Daddy were making bestiality porno. I remember Texas. We lived in a mobile home until Dad tried to cheat some Banditos in a meth deal. I remember Florida. We lived there until the cops caught Mommy conning old folks out thier retirement funds. I remember Montana. We lived there until messing with our babysitter got Daddy accused of statutory rape. I remember Utah. We lived there until Mommy told Daddy there was no fucking way we were becoming Mormons and we moved to...anon

You know if those dumb little slobs who have the unmitigated gall to call themselves terrorists REALLY wanted to do this country some good, they'd have wired one of thier pitiful little pipebombs under that platform. Sharpn

Only two things come from Texas...steers and queers! Only two things come from Montana...steers and queers! Only two things come from Utah...Rotter

There...by Montana! No...wait, look under Flo...nawww. Look, are you sure you saw a black Republican?Rotter

The press say they're bored silly by the whole conv...Look! Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw are doing a double whip-out over the balcony!Rotter

I'm trying to convince Mommy to vote for Bob Dole. Cause Daddy said a vote for Dole is a vote against him and Uncle Roy. And let's face it. Uncle Roy is really beginning to creep me out.Anastasia

If there's any justice in the world, there's a sniper in that crowd.Anastasia

Try to pick out daddy! Remember, he's the one with the shotgun.Milo Bloom

Your looking at the delegates from the four scariest states in the country.Anastasia

I still think Bob Dole must have dropped one hell of alot of acid in the 60's. Not even Daddy was born that stupid.Anastasia

What a bunch of hypocrites. Here I've had sex with most of them and they're talking about family values.Anastasia

I can handle the captions about incest, bestiality, necrophilia...but politics? That's low, even for the DFC crowd!Greg J

Well, that should cover the geography lesson for today. Home schooling rules!Greg J

In a way, Jeffy felt sorry for his sister. With her hair bound so tight, she could neither close her mouth nor blink, leaving her with no defense against Bil and his buddies using her melon-head to pleasure themselves. But on the other hand, since she either too stupid or too vain to cut her hair short or even cut the band off of her ponytail, he figured she got exactly what she deserved., Thweirdo At Large

"I'm telling you, Jeffy, you should whack off to Bob Dole, too. When I see him, I just can't help but touch myself!"Bobo the Wonder Dog

Isn't it funny how the states that produce the most serial killers and mad bombers will pick the next president?Rickshaw Billy

Ya' know Billy, I've been thinkin'....why can't WE be the "First Family"? We meet all the qualifications...I mean, Dad's a bisexual, womanizing hosebag that can't keep his dick in his pants...mom's a domineering, murderous, thick-ankled lesbian, and all us kids are ugly as all hell. Those Clintons don't have a THING on us!kafka

Just think, Jeffy! If Bob Dole wins and brings back the Communications Decency Act, we'll finally be rid of all those drug/incest/prostitution/alcoholism captions!Joe Klein

Holy shit! for an old fartnocker, Bob Dole can really kick ass in the mosh pit! Yeeah!Doc Evil ( remember to vote, gang! )

It's kinda like playing "Where's Waldo". I try to find Pat Buchanan in the crowd by zeroing in on the Swastika.anon

I can't believe I hacked through the block on Direct TV for this.Capt. phealy

Rush Limbaugh would be the perfect cross-party candidate: he's an elephant and a jackass!Roy

Protesters from all 50 states have gathered at Spinnwebe demanding that those shits from the DFC leave America's favorite family alone.Diggit

I find two things amazing about Bob Dole; First is how he isn't grey and secondly is how he sweats brown.Myke

Let's see we got the old people from Florida, the lunatics from Montana, religious nuts from Utah, and jerks from Texas - It must be the republican convention!Yakko

Just a minute, Mommy ... we're watchin' the end of a really scary horror show!Vice Pope Doug

I'd vote for Perot if I was old enough! He's the only one who believes in the pure evil black lines that follow people around!Vice Pope Doug

That reminds me...what the hell state do WE live in? Jojo the Spiv

"Fucking wonderful. They pre-empted Jerry Springer for this shit."Jo Anne

They're heeeeeeeere!!ferret

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