DFC #128

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Ow! My foot! What the hell did I step on? ...A golf ball? What kind of an idiot plays golf in the bathroom?Joe Klein

Billy stands when he does it, Jeffy stands when he does it, Daddy stands when he does it. Why shouldn't I stand when I do it?sisyphus

No, mom, I think they found the camera. Sorry.Ex-Lax Man

Whoah! Tiles! Towels!! Let's go check the kitchen and see if we have a refrigerator drawn for us too!Don Spudleone

Oh man, I certainly hope the Giants don't win again! Daddy's murder on my ass when he's so happy!Don Spudleone

"I know plumbers are expensive, but I'm tired of crapping in the tub and beating it down the drain with a stick!"Paul T. Riddell

Peeked too early, ya fuckin' voyeurs!! Vice Pope Doug

Dolly and her mother decide on a daring experiment; is there life beyond the curved border of their world?Thomas Wilde

It's really easy - put your right toe next to your left heel, slide your left foot back as you lower your right foot to the ground, and repeat. Practice that for a while, and next week we can work on your crotch-grabbing.anonymous

Yeah, I killed Jeffy, but look at the toilet seat! It's up! Can you blame me?Greg J

Generic DFC caption #326: "Hey, who used all my heroin needles?"Greg J

Again?!? All right, we'll get you out, Jeffy, but I'd like to know how this keeps happening.Greg J

I know, I know...It was stupid to bet Billy I could eat 12 pieces of Ex-Lax.Larry Anderson

Corn? When the hell did I eat corn?His Imperial Majesty

You bet your ass I'm mad, if Billy switched your feminine itch cream with Ben-Gay how would you feel?Rainman

Binge, purge, binge, purge. When will it ever end?El Vez

I know you don't like it when I eat crayons, but c'mon, this one's a masterpiece!El Vez

It never fails, you do a little weed with Scooby and Shaggy at a party the night before, and you're selected for the random drug testing the next day.Shawn

You're giving me the creeps! Even Uncle Roy doesn't watch me on the can!Joe Blow

No way do I get into that tub until you get out of here with that video camera!Joe Blow

I don't need a bath. I took one with Dennis Mitchell and his dad this morning.Joe Blow

Cry your head off for all I care PJ! You're staying duct taped to that damn thing until you learn to use it.Amazing Alkirk

I must, I must, I must increase my bust!anon

Okay, okay, "itchy", hold on. I think we still have some of P.J.'s worm medicine left. anon

It's not that I don't like you mom. It just feels a little awkward taking a dump with your nine foot mother looking over your shoulders.Cheezo

Oh fuck. He forgot to draw the toilet.Cheezo

When your in the DFC, and the liquid is not pee, diarrhea, huh huh, diarrhea, huh, huh!yeah right

I thought PJ wouldn't fit in their either, but once we broke all the bones in his body, he went down easier than a wet tissue paper.Hopeless

I'm tired of dad buttfucking us till our nose bleeds! Billy and Jeffy may enjoy it, but I think it's just wrong!Saint C

Well, you are bothering me! Now if you'll leave, I can finish purging! Sheesh!Bill Versteegen

Mother, I'm forty years old. I can go to the bathroom by myself.Anastasia

I thought the Drano can said not to induce vomiting.Anastasia

Again? Mom, the condoms filled with smack aren't gonna come out until they're good and ready.Anastasia

Boy, you swallow one diamond....Anastasia

Damnit mom! No means NO!anon

Go turd, go! Go turd, go!!anon

P. J! P. J! He's our man! If he can't potty train, no one can!Dave the Fave

Okay, already. I'll flush it. I still don't understand why Mapplethorpe's "Piss Christ" was art and my "Piss Barbie" isn't.The Lawyer

See there it is! Jeez, I told you not to let Billy get a python.Kelvin Cabrera-Castellar

I enjoy squatting on so many levels.Cheezo

OK, fine, you were right...PJ's still too little to be toilet-trained. Just wipe that smug look off your face and just get me the damned plunger, will you?Rotter

Thanx mom. Once again your "tuna suprise" has left me with the trots. Big fuckin' suprise!Bloody Wanker

For the love of Pete, look at the little bugger try to climb out of the bowl! Gee, Ma, why didn't we try flushing the little rugrat before?Stefan Jones

Come on baby, do the locomotion!Jan Keilek

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