DFC #129

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Watch this. Billy's at one end of the block, daddy's at the other, they both have dog whistles, they alternate three-second bursts. The bitch is coldcuts.The 4-Star Pope

I believe its 200 bucks for just her and 300 for her and the dog.Mad Mike

I don't care if she is blind, Jeffy. I need money for some smack, so go get me that bitch's purse, PRONTO!!slacker

This jeffy lawn jockey gets two appeacnces in a week!Jan Keilek

Well that pooch is cute, but I like them un-nutered. More action. <<<;-)

Nah, that one's too lame. I'd prefer a collar that's studded like Mommy's, only maybe with blunter spikes.Gen. Sedgwick

Now if we just follow along for a few blocks, you'll see what happens when you hide one of Mommy's LSD tabs in a wad of burger meat and leave it on the sidewalk.Bob Schmalfeldt

Isn't it strange that we haven't had any "doggy style" captions yet?The Lawyer

In her case, it's more like man's best replacement, if you know what I mean.Roy


All the signs are there! Supple pouting breasts! The Tennis outfit! Butch haircut! She's a friend of Mom's alright! Bill Versteegen

Okay, now just pop the tab of Alka-Seltzer in your mouth the way I showed you.Anastasia

"I don't know what those boneheads at the DEA are thinking--we moved our meth lab crosstown months ago!"Larry Hastings

Poor Doggie! It looks like his nose hurts from spending the whole day jammed up that lady's short skirt!JoJo

Yeah, Cujo has really let himself go. With Stephen King churning out 50,000 words a month, he's a surplus commodity.SpinnWebe

Funny, Sam always drags his other end on the sidewalk.anon

Once the crystal meth kicks in, watch the pooch drag that skinny bitch about ten blocks. . Four Corpulent Porpoises

Get the Louisville, boy. We'll have dog tonight.jack gray

I heard she got a dog to keep the fashion police at bay.Anastasia

He's okay, but you really haven't experienced nirvana until you've been in the middle of a Scooby Doo-Marmaduke sandwich!slacker

One bitch, two bitch. Snotty bitch, snorting bitch. (With apologies to Dr. Suess)Pastor of Muppets

What a great day. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. A perfect bestiality joke is just a-walkin' by. It just doesn't get any better.Greg J

As soon as he lifts his leg, blow the dog whistle. He'll jump so fast, that bitch will get a good pee bath.Tazabby

Yeah, that's a real friendly dog, but it's nose is sure cold on the back of your neck!Orion the Hunter

That's where Mommy was sitting when Daddy was mowing the lawn with no shirt on.Rainman

Did her, did him.Not my joke, but who cares?

Hey, y'know what really makes girls like you? When you kill their dog. Go ahead, what're you waiting for? M. Bloom, bitter man

That reminds me. I need to go loosen Billy's ball gag.The Lawyer

Yeah, she always curbs her dog in front of our house. I don't even know her name...I think she's the mom of that kid in second grade who the principal says looks just like Billy.Rotter

Fifth one today! Hey, when you buried Dennis, did you use the whole bag of QuickLime like I said?Rotter

No, not that one, he's too bony. We need to get a plump one so we can eat for the next three days.Tazabby

Go get the camcorder, Jeffy. Barfy's about to get some "action" from Princess over there, and dad'll pay us real good for the tape.Anon

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