DFC #139

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

OK, Simon says "bend over". PJ, stop playing with that. We're going to need it in a second here...Stiles Bitchly

Is this really how Aerosmith got started trashing hotel rooms, Grandma?osmo

Grandma! PJ's not looting! I get his share of the booty.Bongbrain

Run!!! P.J.'s pulled the pin!!!Tazabby

Gran'ma, no matter HOW long we look, you'll NEVER find your virginity again. It's lost forever... and so is yer mind, obviously.Doc Evil

How come that little shit never has to try and find your "Beefcake Review" seniors discount card?Darrell

I'll bet P.J. has your lost youth! Let's GET HIM!halaq

Just so you know, P.J.s up to the third chamber in Russian Roulette.Tazabby

Quit looking for the holy water, it's hopeless. Once he opens the temporal gate and releases the hellspawn, we'll be char-broiled in an instant.tv's 'sizzle' Spatch

One-two-three on PJ. And Gramma. And Billy. And Jeffy. You guys really suck at this.Greg J

Dolly reveals her new creation: a cyborg P.J. with whirling sawblade hands. Jeffy prays to God in fear of the monster PJ has become, Gramma reaches into the drawer for her .45 to end this atrocity once and for all, and Billy silently searches for loose change to spend on cheap whiskey, as usual.Greg J

I'm telling you, searching for meaning in this cartoon is useless. You guys are not going to find just what the hell PJ is doing.Greg J

Grandma, P.J.'s playing with that quantum singularity again!anon

We lose a winning lottery ticket, an' HE sits there happy as a fuckin' clam!! Let's take a five minute break an' kick the living shit out of him!Vice Pope Doug

Grandma, P.J. found your vibrator. It was in the Difficult Zone all the time!His Imperial Majesty

A skull here, a femur there, next thing you know, we've pieced together grandpa.Bongbrain

Hey everybody, PJ's been right there all along. Grandma, this was the best batch of Goofy Cake yet.Bongbrain

Look over there all you want, but I think PJ's the key to today's punch line. Damn Bil for hitting the Tequila before the caption's done.anon

Oh, that invisible Vermeer. PJ's in the process of slashing it to invisible ribbons.Anastasia

PJ knows how to use that switchblade, Grandma. You better keep looking for his Mad Dog.Recourse

That's right, you feeble-minded old hag, leave your nunchucks where anyone can find it.Tazabby

P.J.'s got the shrinking ray gun! Grab it before he shoots me as well!Tazabby

It's worse than you think. Daddy sometimes makes him wear a majorette outfit too.Charlie Steinhice

Hey! Look who's swinging the $300 baggie of quality blow around! You know the drill everyone: no suddens movements, talk softly, an' be prepared to swap with an animal cracker!Vice Pope Doug

Everybody just RELAX! It's obvious that is an especially complex drawing. There is no need to panic.ChoppingBlock

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