DFC #141

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

No, really, will y'all marry me? Ah know it's a little illegal, but Mommy an' Daddy did it, and *they* were jus' cousins... Munchie Munchie

This bouquet is apallin' !! A-pollen! Get it?? God, Jeffy -- sometimes you have all the humorous uptake of Grandpa's rotting gonads!Vice Pope Doug

Here, Jeffy. Breathe in these spores. I saw Mr. Spock do this once and he really enjoyed it.El Kabong

Stop staring, Jeffy. They always strip down to their shorts and sit on the couch like that. Keep this up an' we're never bringin' you to Outland again!Riff

Oh, give it up. He loves you not; he's just trying to get into your pants.Gen, Sedgwick

Trust me on this. You mix a few of these in with the ragweed and she HAS to say "How pretty!" and get a vase. Me an' Billy kept her sneezing for WEEKS last fall.Charlie Steinhice

It's a sure thing! We undercut those bald bastards at the airport, because we have NO overhead .... and we're a fuck of a lot cuter!!Vice Pope Doug

No, it's the giant seed pods that replace you when you sleep. These are just triffids.Charlie Steinhice

OK, this is an appropriate enough sign of grief for that guy Daddy hit with the minivan...Keef

Let's see how funny Daddy thinks an oversized head is when he can't find his allergy medicine....War Gerbil

See? And you said I was stupid to plant those meatballs last spring!Imhotep

I * REALLY * gotta stop eatin' these things...Look at what the're doin' to my thighs fer crissake!Doc Evil

Here, go give these to Mr. Chipmunk. Make it up to him. He'll come back.Bongbrain

First they chop off our feet. Then they make us do YARDWORK! Frankly, I'd rather just be grounded.ChoppingBlock

Here Jeffy, pull my flower. No, that's not it, how does that go again?VitaminTom

Hare Krishna...Krishna Krishna...Flowers for Krishna?anon

If they're the right kind, we'll float for hours in euphoric bliss. If they're the wrong kind, it's another hellish night with Mr. Stomach Pump.Bongbrain

These are appropriate flowers to give a dried up, withered old hag on Mother's Day.Bongbrain

...and the best part is, medical examiners almost never check for this type of poisoning.Dave

You wanna get paid for pulling up this field of dandelions? Hell, we're lucky he's too drunk to stand out here with his whip!Tazabby

Surely you recognize pansies, ya limp-wristed loser!Don Spudleone

We gotta do this by hand until Daddy gets what's left of PJ outta the lawn mower!anon

Jeffy, Jeffy, wherefore art thou, Jeffy ?... Thy melon head, thy lack of mouth .......Vice Pope Doug

When the Keane kids re-enact The Odyssey, wackiness is sure to follow.Thomas Wilde

C'mon, shake a leg!The landscapers will pay us $50 for each yard we infect!Jessica Steinhice

Opium, Jeffy! Acres of opium poppies! Either we're rich, or we're about to be gunned down by cartel guards. Either way, we're out of this stinking strip!Roy

Aren't these cu...hold on. Is it my imagination, or is the grass slowly devouring us?Preacher/Judge

Okay, these three represent Dad, Mom, and that bitch Cathy. Whoosh! HA HA HA!! Watch 'em disentigrate! HA HA HA!!Preacher/Judge

Look and learn, Jeffy. Only the RED poppies. Grandma will kick your ass all over the house if you bring in those low grade yellow ones.ninailer

Submitted for your approval: You an' me, standing in a meadow, playing with a certain type of plant ... a weed, if you will. You have just entered ... the Difficult Zone.tv's Spatch

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