DFC #142

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Beast Wars sucks! Lookit Rhinox-- he's a total Ironhide ripoff! They should re-release the original Transformers toys!"Ravecavy

Of course, if you were a real father, rather than a drunken lout, you'd take me to the zoo instead of giving me a used coloring book from the dumpster.Tazabby

All these different coloured crayons and not one "Rhino Penis".Bill Hunter

Now, I just draw a dotted line to the rhino's anus, and Billy will end up where he REALLY belongs!Bill Hunter

Dolly learns the hard way why no one ever colors in a Jumanji coloring book TWICE.Dave

As Dolly stared into the fierce eyes of the beast, she realized it was only a matter of time before it charged. She had to warn others, but since she cannot write, she quickly sketched her last moments on earth, and hoped they would understand before it was too late...Vitamin Tom

That reminds me...You got any Powdered Rhino Horn left, Mom?slacker

Daddy? Can we go home now? I'm running out of pictures to color and this bar is really stinky!Amazing AlKirk

"Hey, don't change my diaper! I like it like this!"Larry Hastings

Huh? Horny what? Oh...oh yeah Dad, that's really funny - ha ha ha. (Sheesh!)not elsie

Mom, we need another box of 264 crayons. The Monkeyshit Brown is almost gone.M.S. Brown

No Jeffy, it's not a picture of Daddy..I said "elusive rhino" not "abusive wino".IrishMike

But Mommy! I color better stoned!!Vice Pope Doug

Is this really how you got started, Dad? 'Cause if it is, I'm gonna play outside instead.Charlie Steinhice

"Okay, Mom, a little more to the left, and point your horns towards the bookshelf."anon

Mommy, what's this scary looking thing between the giraffe's head and body?Anastasia

By the time Dolly spotted the scope of Billy's rifle glinting at the top of the stairs it was too late...anon

Looky Mom! That rhino's ass is almost as big and rough as mine!orlando

What's with the generic coloring book? Eisner's paying ten grand for "Toy Story" placements!The Lawyer

There's a Jumanji joke here somewhere, but damned if I know what it is.slacker

Forget the rhino...Why is my butt the size of Cleveland?slacker

Damn! I'm outta " Stupid Zone Red "...Doc Evil

Hey, what color is the dick on the rhino's nose?ed munster

When can I get a box with more than just white, black and grey?Jan Keilek

No, mommy, I swear I'm staying in the lines...don't hurt me please...Jan Keilek

Dolly could only stare in dumbfounded awe as Bil graphically answered her question "What mammal has a larger horn than a rhino?"The 4-Star Pope

Mom, what color should I make rhino-trampled mangled flesh?Dave

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