DFC #145

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

No you CAN'T have this dress!! Ask Jeffy to give you one of his!Don Spudleone

PJ!!!!!! Not in front of the BABY!!!didupoot

"What? You dare use the Whirling Celestial Dragons maneuver against ME? You have no honour P.J. and for the good of our clan, I must destroy you!"halaq

After decades of growth inhibition treatments, PJ's adolesencent hormones all hit at once.Peon

You'd better not shoot your load in your jammies like last time, or this is the LAST time I put out for you!Schickelgruber

For the last time... use a tissue!Tazabby

Walk around me, you fucking retard!Tazabby

No, no, no! It's dip, THEN turn! Do you want to learn the friggin' tango, or not?Jessica Steinhice

Hey Mom! I think Dad left his vodka bottle out again!Tazabby

Hey! How come you get a "cute" dimple, and I don't?!Tazabby

Gawd, P.J., do you hafta mimick everything Daddy does?anon

"You call that a penis?"Butthead

Again? Jesus P.J.! I just washed this dress!Rev. Jason N. Whitmore

Stop giving me those 'Mr. Smooth' eyes or I'll bite your cheek the fuck off!timm

His plan was working perfectly. After disposing of the youngest kid and taking his clothes, Corky, the midget pedophile, made his move on his target, and it would all be written off as an innocent child's curiosity.Vitamin Tom

After downing three six-packs, P.J. mistook Dolly for a Harley-Davison and tried to jumpstart her.Tazabby

Christ, P.J, for the last time, I'M NOT LACTATING!! You're not gonna get ANYTHING!!Shuman the Human

Stop it PJ, you're ripping Jeffy's dress.Annabelle Gigante

JEFFY! Where the hell are you? What's the point of playing "Old West cathouse" if you aren't here to throw him out the window?Charlie Steinhice

I'm really getting sick and tired of the sexual harassment around here, just so Dad's readers can say 'Ah, isn't that cute'. My lawyers will be in touch.Anastasia

"PJ played 'Olympic Gymnast' with Dolly's nipple ring one too many times. One day, she freaked and bit a huge chunk out of his cheek." -- Billy Keane, from "Family Sideshow: My Years in the Vicious Circle"Retard

Aw crap! Mom, get out the Crucifixes and the Holy Water. P.J.'s possesed again!Magus, Dark Necromancer of Captions

After years of being joined at the hip, it was inevitable that one of them would snap.Matt in the Hat

"Look what you've done--there's no Stupid Zone on this one! It's a fuckin' FREE FOR ALL!"Larry Hastings

That's it. I'm selling you to the white slavers in the morning.Anastasia

No, PJ, I don't wanna "rehearse" with you! The taping is bad enough!Dead Parrot

Would someone PLEASE turn off that goddamn Barry White album! PJ's trying to "Show me all the love a man can give" again!IrishMike

There may be no crying over spilt milk, but there is ass kicking over spilt tea!DarkUrthe

HEY!!! Money first! Orion the Hunter

No, no! Show me where he touched you ON THE DOLL!nine elle

You'll get your damn money Jeffy, just call off your thug!Dogbowl

Geez! Ever since that fly got in the teleporter with you, you've been horny as hell!orlando

Goddamnit, PJ, I know the DFC's back! Now, get off of me before we get fifty more incest captions!The Lawyer

And so it started, brother against sister, then neighbor against neighbor, soon all mankind was locked in self-destructive battle. And somewhere, an outwardly innocent-looking doll smiled contentedly...Paul Roub

No, PJ! I said lump, not hump! One lump or two?Riff

Yes, I know we haven't done it on the coffee table, yet, but I'm just not in the fucking mood!Riff

Are you happy, DFCers? Is this the sort of suggestive, pseudo-erotic cartoon you wanted to see? Well I'm glad at least somebody's satisfied around here!Riff

Stop it PJ! I haven't gotten all steamed up, yet! You can't tip me over an' pour me out 'till I get all steamed up! Geez, you boys just can't grasp the concept of foreplay!Riff

STOP IT!! STOP IT, YOU FOOL!! Your actions are causing us to fall into the gravity well of the Red Asterisk!!The 4-Star Pope

That's it, PJ, no more pre-school Gor coloring books for you!Morannar

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