DFC #148

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Daddy's coming! He can't believe that one of your turds looks like Jesus, either!Schickelgruber

Jeffy, mommy said that praying to the porcielin god is a euphamism and we dont really need to give it sacrifices. I hope Dolly is okay.Styx

Cool! This time, I'll flush it and YOU go watch the sewer back up!Samwise

Alright! Dad finally saved enough to buy us some toilet paper!The Hanged Man

Awesome! They found your left hand clogging up Mrs. Lester's pipes three doors down!Tangent

Okay, it's been Fifteen minutes...Let's go see if P.J. made it to the sewage plant.Doc Evil

False Alarm Jeffy. It wasn't the cops. See if any of that crack is still dry.TwoHill

Get ready to lock the door -- Daddy's been eatin' that Olestra stuff again!Jessica Steinhice

Mommy gave us fifty cents for the tapeworm! Changa

Mommy says '2000 Flushes' is just a marketing concept, so it doesn't matter that we lost count.Jim Ellwanger

alright! i locked barfy outside.. now we'll find out why he loves to drink this stuff..freakazoid

I guess the Wonderbra is working, Jeffy. Mom wants to see you in the next panel!Preacher/Judge

YES! I auditioned for the lead in Rump Wranglers and I got it! Smell my fist! zazu

Dad finally drew a toilet, eh? Outta my way!anon

See I told ya, one chainsaw plus quality plumming equals no evidence.Mad Mike

Okay, I got Bob Vila on the horn: the reason the toilet keeps running is that the handle is stuck down.swb

Dad's Ex-Lax kicked in. Has the glue set?Peon

"Yipee! 365 consecutive days without flushing! Now those Guiness Book of World Records people HAVE to take notice!"halaq

Okay...this time I'll be Uncle Roy and you be daddy and the bathroom is a men's room at a Greyhound Station somewhere in the Southwest.I really hope my mom doesn't see this.

Hey Jeffy? Have you ever noticed how every 5 panels or so, Bil has the two of us playing near a toilet?Joojoo and the Bee

STOP! Kittycat's not dead. She just got into Mommy's stash and is really, really stoned.Anastasia

Quick, dish out some more! Dolly ate a whole plateful in the previous panel -- and I bet she's ready for seconds!Grizz

The cops are finally here!! Start flushing, and remember to tell the SWAT team daddy said he'd cave your head in if you didn't get rid of all his "balloons." By Christ, we'll all be in foster homes by nightfall, PRAISE THE LORD!!The 4-Star Pope

They came through with the ransom money! You can let P.J. out now.The 4-Star Pope

You know how when we stole that toilet we wondered who had an ass big enough to need that size bowl? Well, Rush Limbaugh's at the door with the FBI.The 4-Star Pope

Ok, Jeffy, we've got it straightened out. That drunken asshole Scotty's going to reverse the transporter codes, beam you back to the ship and separate your arm from the toilet.The 4-Star Pope

Let the fisting begin!Dain Bread

Hey, go check it out! Barfy's going off on dad's leg!ed munster

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