DFC #149

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Mommy, your "public" hairs are ticklin' my feet!Schickelpuber

As Thel held the infant Hitler in her arms, she wondered, Would polluting the time stream be so wrong?Jim Smith

Out of all the sluts Daddy sleeps with I love you the best!SteveO.

St. Joseph's Vallium for Children.Bubba

Tell me again how I'm really born of a jackal and how someday I will lead the phantoms of destruction against all god fearing Christians. And this time don't leave out the part with the moon turning black as congealed elk's blood. Bongbrain

While Jeffey snuggled, blissfully happy and unaware, the creature that had replaced Thel slowly began to absorb the young boy's body into it's own. The nourishment that it would derive from Jeffey's body would last it for a couple of days.anon

What's this? You have bigger pecs than Daddy? No wonder you can kick his ass!Mary

One more incest caption... Thel thought, Just one more incest caption, and POW! Those DFC bastards'll never know what hit 'emanon

Thel smiled as Jeffy snoozed. One quick sharp turn of his neck and her living hell would be over.RBByrnes

A suburban distance lying across your chest, a purpled frock befitting the asphyxiated, cans of lima beans upon your knees, you are truly a goddess of disturbed tranquility! (actually I swiped this from the Surrealist Compliment Generator)Art Young Wendler

Thel's five tips on getting your kids to sleep: Sing a lullaby, rock him gently, and chloroform, chloroform, chloroform!Greg J

Oh thank you mommy,for the Box-Car Willy tickets!! Buford Pusser

Jeffy sleeps the sleep of a young angel, after a nourishing meal of Thelma's chin.Thomas Wilde

Still denying there had been another air bag tragedy, she clutches the only pieces left intact.slash

Bil Keane tries to humanize a scene from ALIEN.Charlie Steinhice

Three seconds after he climaxed, and he's already snoring. Maybe Bil is his real father, Thel thought.The 4-Star Pope

I love listening to the silicone squish back and forth.Peon

Hey, this one's easy! Let's see, this calls for a joke about Thel's face...no wait that's been done. I know! An incest joke, those are always a happy bundle of hilarity. Actually, it'd probably go in the difficult zone. Hey, that's it! A witty remark about the difficult zone! No, those are just annoying. Damn. Okay, I got it! "Hey, Mom, where'd my legs go?" Ha ha ha! Oh MAN that's funny.Preacher/Judge

Family photo album caption: Jeffy's first orgasm.Hank The Hoser

Thank you for teaching how to tuck, mommy! Now you can have two little girls!anon

Thanks for killing the rest of the siblings, Mommy. I knew I was your favorite.Don Spudleone

When I grow up, I want to be just like you Mommy.Anastasia

No. You're lying. People don't really read Daddy's cartoon, do they?Anastasia

I love you, Mommy -- even though your face has been reduced to nothing more than comma, a backwards L, and an asterisk.Grizz

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