DFC #15

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

I feel pretty...oh so pretty...!jim k

Hot Damn, that growth injection really worked! I can pick these palm trees like they were flowers!NO CARRIER

"Hare Krishna...Hare Hare Krishna!!!!"Wade Wright

All of a sudden, I have this tremedous urge to re-decorate my room.zazu

Marx, schmarx. *Poppies* are the opium of the masses!Tom Jenkins

Pickin' dandelions sure is more fun when you pretend they're your enemies and blow their heads off!Adam S.

You're right, Dad! With all these weeds, you can't see the pot until you're practically standing on it!Pete B.

If Grandpa wanted me to pick nicer flowers for his grave, he shouldn't have beaten the shit out of me while he was still alive. So fuck off.Pete B.

"Don't make a face, Dolly...at least it's food!"Andy Ihnatko

Ha! Kind of ironic how I was thrown clear into a dandelion patch and all you 'Only Idiots Don't Wear Seat Belt' types are now trapped in a burning minivan, huh guys? ...Guys?Andy Ihnatko

Ah, the pixies have returned. It's been a long winter without you, my little friends.anon

Poppies, poppies everywhere!! Heroin is paying for my college education!Tim K.

Daddy, will these work? I couldn't find any feathers.Rishmawy

This is just like blowing daddy, white stuff everywhere!John S.

I'll be high for years!Nethicus

What's wrong, Mommy? The nice Bosnians just wanted me to walk all around this field and pick flowers.The Unmasked Revenger

No, you blow ME.anon

Where's all the hemp we planted?anon

Boy, hayfever is a real bitch when you've only got one nostril.anon

Oh oh! I have poo-poo in my crack!David

You're right, Dad. Why should you blow $29.99 on a Weed Whacker when you have a ready pool of child slave labor at your command?Trism

Lessee...brown gills, blue line around stem...yep, this here's a gold mine!anon

Now I can put flowers in all of daddy's machine guns before he shoots us!anon

Why is my picture on the back of this flower?NO CARRIER

Oh yeah here it comes-another "fag" caption. Thank you BIL *FUCKIN* KEANE!!!anon

Hey, Dolly, these have soft, little tufts of hair, too!anon

Great, Bil. First you give me a football for a head, now it's a deformed mouth. Two words - Art Class !anon

"...and the case of the flower decapitations is still unsolved, but police expect a break in the case any day now. This is Jeffy Keane, KDFC News, at the scene of the crime."Paul T. Riddell

"...and I have that one hanging out my bum to keep in the little pixies! What part of this don't you understand?"Paul T. Riddell

My whole family out with hayfever, and me with these! Now we'll see who's in charge!D. Navarro

"Mom, there are some days when I just don't feel... fresh."Larry Hastings

"Look, Mom, something that multiplies faster than you!"Mr. Clean

WHOA! I didn't know mom could run *that* fast!anon

Man, Billy, those guys from Bloom County were right! You eat a couple of these and you're on a whoooooole other plane of existence.MichaelG

What's so funny? All I said is that I like to blow things!Kittycat

If mommy dosen't put out after I give her these flowers, it's bitch slapping time.anon

Hey, look! Children of the Dandelions!Martin H. Booda

Heeeeeere she is! Miiiiiiiss America! Oh my God, I can't believe it! Thank you! Thank you so much!anon

I'm gonna suck enough of these mothers to get a _major_ allergy attack! Then they'll 'ject me with pure Ephedrine and I'll be flyin' all night! I love weekends!VPD

As Jeffyzilla continued his rampage through the Tokyo Arboretum, the military, led by the mysterious Doctor Iknato, prepared its secret weapon...Paul T. Riddell

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