DFC #157

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Jeffy! Come quick! An anatomically correct woman!DeRaptor

When daddy said I was gonna pull a train for my birthday, I didn't realize what he meant!Jeff

"Hey, bitch, you better have every last penny of my money or...or...or you're going to time-out!"--Billy, the pacifist pimpGreg J

WOW! My first Sex Ed Class! This is gonna be a great year!jewl's other half

Ah, look Jeffy...why don't we continue our game later. Come back in about an hour.RBByrnes

Check it out, Jeffy! Our new babysitter glows in the dark!trent

"Hey, Jeffy, get P.J and we'll make the babysitter airtight!"flapjack

Jeffy, come quick! The "Version Mary" is in our attic! And has she got one hot ass!Schickelgruber

Daphne and Shaggy? No way! I always figured you were balling Freddy! Hey, can I have a "Scooby Snack"?Schickelscooby

An out-take from "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Stacked."Jessica Steinhice

The Keane Family Revolving Door Principal works something like this: I'm first... Bongbrain

Jeffy, c'mere, quick!! Aunt Tess is really Batgirl!!!Mike Smith

Jeffy! We have GOT to put LSD in Dad's coffee EVERY time he's at the drawing desk!sewer urchin

Jeffy! This is Judy Jetson's room! Betty Rubble's room must be farther down the hall!XoLo

Whoa! Well Dad, I'm utterly shocked to find you with our babysitter. I was expecting the poolboy.MechaGumby

You better run! Mommy's home, she just did daddy upstairs with a .357, and she knows you're down here!anon

OK, "Pepper," I got another john for you. 1243 2nd Street, and he's a toe-sucker.skippy

Wow, Grampa! We were all wondering whether they'd still let you be a transvestite in Heaven!Priscilla

My name's Elmo. Wanna tickle me?Anastasia

Hey Jeffy! Look what I found! A whore!Pahco

"Wow! Now this is the Vegas that Sanatra kept telling me about!!!Huggy Bear

Ok, I found Thel's cold cream and hand cuffs, what's next?Tazabby

Whoa Dolly! You sure have been slugging down that milk! Tazabby

Man, a striptease while I screw the door! What more could I ask?Homer15

Awwrrrriiiiiiight!!! Jeffy, It's that chick from those ' Aerosmith ' videos!Doc Evil

Hey! We can't find those crotchless undies you said to put on!Carl Barnpipe

C'mon, babe, Jeffy needs a fluffer in cartoon 156 pronto!anon

I just knew this move to Stepford would do the family good.Anastasia

Wouldn'cha know it -- finally SOMETHING worth seeing, and Dad decides it's finally time to darken a room!Charlie Steinhice

Jeffy, I think I got an election!anon

Jeffy! This door leads to the Apartment 3G comic strip. You tell mom I'll be late for dinner.binky

Dorothy! Stop fucking Toto and get the hell out of the house! The twister's coming!Riff

Hey, Dad, the stripper's here! You should get remarried more often!Joe Blow

'Ello LaVoin! 'Ello Shoil!Doc Evil

Ok, ok, I'll leave. Just turn off that damn wind machine!Tazabby

Unsuspectingly, Jeffy arrived to see Billy, tied at the wrists and hanging from a door knob. What was the babysitter going to do next?J

Bil? Is that really you?TBone

Heellllllllloooooooooo, Nurse!Don Spudleone

While Thel Keane is on vacation this week,the role of Mommy will be played by Christina ApplegateFurplay

Years later, Billy would wonder what had disturbed him more -- bursting in to discover Daddy getting ready for a "night out with the boys", or the undeniable stirring in his loins.Paul Roub

"Wow! Jeffy, you were right! She is breastfeeding an octopus!"Ravecavy

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