DFC #161

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

You know I might have believe that was your tongue if you had taken the label off the sausage first. Queaser

Tonight on Communist Babies: Baby Stalin explains to Baby Krushchev importance of eliminating the bourgois once and for all!Mike Smith


OK, after I crosswire the alarm, you'll set off the C4 to break into the vault, and get the cash. I'll pick you up at 3:05, we change clothes, and catch the 4:37 flight to Rio. Hey! Are you paying attention?!Schickelgruber

Dammit, Peeje! Get offa my " Don't Break the Ice! " gameboard!Doc Evil

You BETTER hold that down! We'll never get rid of Dolly's body if you keep puking up the parts I feed you!Gromble

No fair!!! I didn't get to have any of PJ's legs, and now he's eating his own arm on me!Puckman

Jezzus Bil, did you actually think he's yours? If you ask me, it looks like Thel's been messing around with Charles Schultz.Puckman

You moron! I told you not to eat anything that John Lydon offered you!His Imperial Majesty

Yo, whack-ass sucka, you be makin' any mo' jokes about my Malcom X jumpsuit and I be gettin' my gat!His Imperial Majesty

In this tense photo made during the Yalta conference; Winston Churchill stands up to Stalin's charges of Imperialism.Rimbaud

For the first time young McCarth shouted his famous interrigation line. "ARE YOU OR ARE YOU NOT A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY!"ChAoS

Boy, here's a big surprise! PJ and I get in trouble... PJ starts eating himself! You're not auto-ingesting your way out of it this time, pal!Ravecavy

Oooooooo! I'm Evil No-Thumbs Boy! Ooooo! Scaaaaary!Preacher/Judge

Look, I don't care what you do. I'm goin' to the track, I need luck, and I'm rubbin' your belly!Preacher/Judge

If we don't get to eat dinner, neither do you!

You can't handle the truth!Don Spudleone

The effeminate, chunky Jeffy has a few words for the Fisher Price kid who ate the last HoHo.King Khuk

I'd say, in the whole vast configuration of things, your nothin but a scurvy little spider!stephen

..and if you paint another X target on one of my shirts, I'm putting a bull's-eye on the back of your HEAD. Got it?Charlie Steinhice

If you don't stop trying to eat everything, you'll end up a bitter spherical little boy who's too fat to wear a belt, like me!Anonywuss

So, Sweet Pea, you admit you were the only one with the keys to the steam roller when Popeye met with that unfortunate accident?DeRaptor

Call now and you'll also receive (absolutely free) the TableChair as seen in the Family Circus!!!Goon

Let's see.... The Rice-a-Roni is burning up in the pot. Billy's ass is bigger than Texas. Ummm... PJ is eating his fist (see the blood!) while he's falling through a hole in the space/time continuum that's cleverly disguised as some kinda eating establishment. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE ORIGINAL CAPTION!!! The Raven

"Don't play with the reverse-aging ray, Fester!" I said. "It's completely safe, Gomez," you said. "I don't think so," I said. But would you LISTEN to me?!? Noooooo....The 4-Star Pope

No, no, NO!! Goddamnit!! Do you think we'll beat the cannibalism rap if you eat your fingers during the REAL trial?The 4-Star Pope

I'm tellin' ya Gawdfather...Don Billy has no respect for you. We've gotta hit him before he hits us!RBByrnes

You said *I* could eat that booger!!!Eric Dodson

Okay...now pay attention... when you get out on the floor of the General Assembly, take your shoe off and start pounding the shit out your desk. We must frighten the American into not exporting their horrid comic strips to our shores.anon

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