DFC #162

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Reenacting a scene from Marathon Man; why do you ask?The Hanged Man

Oh for cryin' out loud! Jeffy's still alive. That 200 bucks I spent on attack dog school is the worst money I ever spent.Bruno X

"As you can plainly see here, the comic has undergone numerous changes over the years. Although Mommy and Dolly have remained basically the same, Jeffy was originally a mythic Greek hero who wrestled live beasts. Close scrutiny also reveals that, at this point, PJ had yet to evolve limbs from his fins, and got around by dragging his body from pond to pond." --from Origin of the Keanes: A Family Circus RetrospectiveJim Smith

Thel get control of yourself! The doctors can sew back on PJ's ears as soon as Jeffy gets them!Rev. Jason N Whitmore

*sigh* It's hopeless. Jeffy's just never going to get the hang of fisting.alanon

We're looking over here already. Why don't you look over in those bushes for today's punchline, or else go sober up your husband so he can tell us where it is.Greg J

I told Jeffy he's not the Chupacabra, but he claims he can get proof if we pull out what he was eating a minute ago.Pastor of Muppets

Look, if you really want to teach idiot boy over there a lesson, let Sam take his arm off. It's the only way he'll learn.Anastasia

See, Mommy, we really are a Family Circus! Jeffy's the animal trainer, I'm the bearded lady, P.J.'s the pinhead, you're the hunchback, and Daddy and Billy are the drunken clowns!Schickelgruber

Having already pulled PJ and Dolly from the pit of Barfy's stomach, Jeffy bravely returned a third time for Billy.Mad Mike

DFC Guest Director: Stanley KubrikJan Keilek

He can see the baggy.... Bil's gonna be PISSED if we lose that coke! Better get a knife, mom!Gromble

Mommy, look out! The beastly baby from the Edward Gorey book is sneaking up behind you!His Imperial Majesty

Groucho Marx was right...inside a dog, it really is too dark to read.Rotter

"Jeffy's just trying to make the neighbours think that Barfy's speaking in tongues again. Scary thing is, it actually seems to be working."little daniel jones

But Mommy, it's been trying to eat Jeffy all day! Can't we keep it?Stdheev

Dammit Mommy, will you please stop paying attention to Jeffy and look at my cookie impression?Preacher/Judge

He's working his way up to Gator wrestling. Either he'll earn enough to support himself, or we'll have one less mouth to feed. I figure we come out ahead either way.Paul Roub

Well, he wanted to learn dentistry, and he's already pulled out all of Billy's teeth, so Barfy was the logical next choice.Drew

Look, next time we use Sam as the mule. He shits when you yell at him!Wally

Sorry Mom, by the time it passes through Barfy, the batteries will be dead.anon

He wants to stick his head in Barfy's mouth, but first he's gotta snap the jawbones.Roy

We're trying to think of a name for the new dog. He's going to tickle that little dangly thing at the back of it's throat to see if he does anything to inspire us.Stefan Jones

If you and Dad didn't piss away all the money on drugs, alcohol and hookers, maybe we wouldn't have to wrestle Barfy for the last dog biscuit!paTRICK heSTER

Don't worry Mommy, Billy's just being an asshole at follow the leader again, and Jeffy's not giving up this time!Deej

Thel! Hey! Thel! You have a line here, remember? Jesus, will you forget the fucking "Method" and just concentrate on your cues?The 4-Star Pope

For the love of Christ, Thel! Just tell him Easter is over and that he can stop looking!The 4-Star Pope

Would Marlon Perkins' mother have told HIM to give up zoology the first time things got a bit rough? Would Jim Fowler's? Hell, no!! THEY'D have said, "use the talent and the one hand you've got left." But not you, huh, Thel? The 4-Star Pope

What's the cardinal rule of show biz? Never follow a kid or an animal act. Some fucking agent YOU turned out to be.The 4-Star Pope

Heartworm pills ? Shoot, Mommy! I thought we were supposed to give Barfy heartworm eggs each month!Sgt. Spam

Why's Jeffy looking down Barfy's throat? Let's just say, Billy found out the hard way not to have a hungry dog perform fellatio!Ratman

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