DFC #165

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

I keep telling you guys....no matter how many times you wash those clothes, you'll never get all that "theft-prevention" tag ink off them. Tazabby

As Dolly left the room stunned in amazement, yet strangely satisfied, she kept wondering how either of them didn't wrinkle a single shirt. I. P. Freely

"If he's only warming himself on warm laundry, then why does he only use my panties?"sewer urchin

I told Daddy not to stand too close to the window. Now maybe Mommy will move us out of Compton!Zorack

Get my damn stunt double! My contract says I don't do love scenes with drunks!Sgt. Spam

MOMMY! Daddy's zonked on the fabric softener again!Bill Fortier

The young Mata Hari gets her start in America, where she seduced several unwitting men, including this British agent seen here.Sgt. Spam

Wow! This voodoo doll really works!Ratman

Folding, fucking, folding, fucking. Is that all ther is to life, Mommy?Schickelgruber

I knew we are in trouble when that liquor store started cashing checks. Well, looks like it's goverment cheese for the rest of the month.Zebra

Jeffy...we need to stack up more folded clothes. The body's still visible.tbone33

OK, laundry, then fuck the shit out of the husband. I think I got the hang of this 'nanny' thing. Now, let's see to the children."Speed R

Hey MOM, why do you keep buying me turtlenecks when you know I have no fucking neck!Schmatzy

Hey Jeffy, you still got that fuckin' banana?markc

I call it Still Life With Drunk. Where's that number for the NEA?Ida Know

This is supposed to be my role model?Grumpy Grape

OW!!!! I know you're not asleep! OW!!!! Stop kicking me!Tazabby

"Is that cute little camisole on the top yours or his?"jaina solo

"Every time I sleep with him I get the feeling I'm being watched through that small, semi-circular hole hole in the wall over there."The Tech' From Hell

Bil's still-warm brain tucked neatly under her arm, Dolly couldn't wait for the crisp 10$ bill promised her by the medical lab.The Fat Man

"I KNOW that he stank, but I seriously think that the tumble-dry cycle has killed him!"halaq

I told him to take it easy. But he just kept folding and folding until his heart exploded. The man just loved to fold.Buford T. Justice

My experiment worked! I have switched the minds of Daddy and Kitty cat. Which means that Kitty cat is now downing her sixth bottle of tequilla and trying to get Jeffy to play "bathtub pirate lovers" with him.Tazabby

Mommy! I think Daddy has a new fettish...anon

Oh isn't he cute sleeping like that? I'm going to have to use the tazer more often!Don Spudleone


The drugs have taken effect! Call the white slavers!Bubba

Oh no! I'm shinking! I'm already shorter than a bed.. at this rate they'll have to call me the walking TOE job instead of the walking BLOW job!!The 5th Beatle

Yeah, yeah, it was good for me too...you prick.the wonder cheese

Mom, you have an uncanny knack for knowing exactly where he'll pass out on laundry day. The spot you made was perfect.Anastasia

"Jeez Mom, I've heard of denial. But man! He's starting to reek!"Speed R.

Damn, Bil's still sauced! I think we oughta get out the lipstick and the camera....Pastor of Muppets

Hey Mom...Dad feel asleep foldin' the laundry again!! Jeez...no wonder this lazy fuck can't hold down a steady job!!!! Big Dog

Mom! He says he's not going if he can't find his corset!Slaanesh

Look on the bright side Mommy...all my friends' daddies rip their homes apart when they're drunk. Our Daddy folds!Jojo

We can only hope that one day Daddy will be sober enough to complete his "I'm packin' an ' leaving this dump" routine without passing out first.I AM DAMO SUZUKI

Hey, Mom, I killed the delivery boy from the Chinese laundry. They put too much fuckin' starch in my crotchless panties again!Schickelgruber

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