DFC #168

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Well, we can't age, right? So I suppose we're immortal, right? So, following along that hypothesis, we also can't be hurt, right? Bob Saget

"With all due respect, you never told us not to drown PJ in the Crystal light!"Sgt. Spam

Ahhhhhhh! I'm still here!Rodney

Oh fine! Just 'cause I have leprosy, I can't be near the food!Vice Pope Doug

Lost a contact lens in there...Sorry...Doc Evil

Once again Jeffy had "ruined" a jug of Kool-Aid. Dolly dreaded the day they would run out of tricks and they would actually have to DRINK Uncle Roys's salty concoction.sewer urchin

Look, I gotta boil the meat off the bones if I'm going to have Kittycat's skeleton for show and tell.The Lawyer

...And where would YOU suggest I play "are you a witch?" with my hamster?The 4-Star Pope

Well, Mommy, you know what they say. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you hemophilia...sicily

No, Mommy, please don't plunge my arm into the scalding hot coffee again! I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good... His Imperial Majesty

Thel, listen! I didn't say, "Not me." I said, "We just got rid of Not Me!"phonsux

I like to call it Kit-teaKlaus Fluoride

First that flying pencil stabbing Billy's forehead and chin, and now this. Will you please get Dolly to an excorcist's now?Tazabby

Well, I won the five bucks fair and square. Double or nothing if you set the blender on puree!Pastor of Muppets

I thought I was man enough to be a Shaolin priest. That fuckin' brazier was hot.Bubba

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