DFC #180

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

I'd wouldn't go in if I were you. They're in there saying how you guys are fucking up everything women have struggled for this century and are waiting to slice your hooters off as soon as you.....wait a minute, Dolly, you can go in there at least.Tazabby

You'd be surprised at how many women will pull my finger!Doc Evil

OK remember that the quicktime format can be a little fuzzy so keep those hidden camera's still!Yakko

Limbs missing . . . restrooms in the frame, and a conspicuous indication of something wrong in the ladies' room. Yup, just another Field Day provided for the DFC. Geez, I wish that Dad would overdose before he can draw the next one.phonsux

Jeffy's STILL in there. Must be all those bananas.Charlie Steinhice

How do you expect me to become a gynecologist without doing any research first?the young doctor

A scene from Spinnwebes' first feature film " Honey, I Shrunk the Keanes! "Doc Evil

OK, girls, Broomhilda's holed up in the lady's. Go get her, and bring her out in cuffs!Joe Z

We're waiting to see if our suspicion is right. We never seem to see Grandma Keane and Bil in the same place at the same time.Ratman

What a lousy day! I've been standing here all day, and I didn't get one person to pull my finger. And on top of that, two ladies put their cigarettes out in my mouth!Schickelgruber

I tried to tell him. "No matter how much you identify with Liza, no matter how committed you are to deconstructing gender roles, no matter how kicky you look in that miniskirt, you can't use the ladies' john." Did he listen? Fuck no. Now listen to them kick his ass in there.Horselover Fat

It will cost you 50 cents, but you won't walk away disappointed. Tonite, in stall #1, Bil is performing his haunting beautiful renditon of "You're Sixteen" through a pair of cotton briefs. In stall # 2, Naked Roy will dazzle you with a set cat-scans of his swollen prostrate. You might wanna stay clear of stall # 3... there's a fat chick having a miscarriage on the hopper. s-pooner

Here to see "Bil the Kid and His Steely Six-Shooter"? Five bucks cover and stand back once the "bullets" start flying.Art Vandelay

It seemed like the ideal place to meet babes, but they all seem to be in too big a hurry to talk!RBByrnes

I TOLD you those exploding ink tags were a bitch. Now go clean yourself up before the rent-a-cops see you.zazu

I know, I know, but Bil's in the other one and the air's so ripe in there that the paint's peeling from the walls!Ratman

Usin' my portable sampler to record celebrity farts--what does it LOOK like I'm doin'?Madonna Jr.

'Stead of phone numbers, now the stalls have URLs written all over them. I hate this decade.Gloof

"Mommy, I don't like going to the mall with Daddy when he's trippin' on acid. Just a minute ago, he ripped off my prosthetic limbs and staggered into the ladies' room, screaming about somebody named "Dagwood."Mycroft

Dad's giving the guys who work at Radio Shack swirlies again.Azazael

This is the place the realator said that we can afford to live in, Mom. God, do I ever hate my fuckin' life...DR. SCHMUCK

Hey, I'm funded by the NEA... I'm not budging! "This is my handle, this is my spout..."Ravecavy

Talk about a Difficult Zone! Daddy had difficulty just gettin' here on his own two feet, let alone to try and puke in the correct restroom!phonsux

"Its a good thing you're going in with Dolly. Last time she couldn't reach the door handle to get out and lived off of contraceptives for a week."Cole Mitchell

Yeah, Bil's in there.....face down in a puddle of his own vomit again. I'll go get the towels.twinks R us

You might want to wait a minnit Mom. Bil's in there doing something really twisted with the femnin' hygiene supplies.Carker Mastudo

You two have embarassed me for the last goddam time!! Now I want you to go in there and put on those new clothes NOW!!! Its time you joined the 90's!!Spiral Stairs

You wouldn't believe what we got Billy to eat for only five bucks....wanderer

So I get a dollar for every woman I get to scream, right?Anastasia

C'mon Dolly, see for yourself. None of these women are wearing it on their heads.Slaanesh

So it's safe to go in when he starts singing Madonna's "Like a Virgin"?myke

Mom! Dolly! What are you doing here? I was just... I mean... I was about to... ha ha. Well, I was... aw fuck it! I'm here to listen to women pee. It's a fetish, okay? You caught me. Could we drop it now?Otis

With tile this shiny, who needs patent leather shoes?anon

They threw me out, but they let "Wendy" Carlos in. What the hell is up with that?ewhac

You think this is startling _now_? You should have seen their faces when I walked through the walls in _there!_Joshy

DAMNIT!! For the LAST fucking time, I'm A BOY!!Angus

Dolly! Stall 3 gets a "Round the world". Thel, just hang loose a few, I'm holding you aside for some Japanese businessmen coming in on the next flight.anon

Before you get mad- I had no idea you aren't supposed to flush tampons...Uncle Maria

Now, don't give me that hound-dog expression! I told you not to eat Uncle Roy's brownies...Jim Smith

Hey mom is it ok if i pull the old "i don't know how to read" trick and try to catch a glimpse of some beaves?The Amazing Waldo

Billy's in there, 'cause Daddy's making quite an awful din in the men's room. Mommy, next week, lets hit a mall without a Vitoria's Secret.Truant

I'm goin' in here with you -- last time I went in the Men's I got smacked in the face with somethin' I'd rather not think about ...Vice Pope Doug

Thel, being 7'5", had to be continuously reminded to duck...0xdeadbeef

Of course I'm going in here! In the last month, I've seen Sally Forth's butt, Lucy Van Pelt in a thong, and Luann's nipple!Vice Pope Doug

I don't fuckin' care what the signs on the doors say! Dolly's as big as your head and I have no limbs. This cartoon gets a thalidomyde caption, goddammit!Tangent

I can't go here. I have to find the door that says "Other".Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon

"'Well, this is the place' I called out, my voice echoing off the tiles. Dad had had so many happy hours here, dabbling at his mascara, shaving his girly girly pink thighs. Besides, he'd always wanted to have his ashes spread at sea. We flushed the old queen and got the hell out of there" -- from *Sky without a sun: Memories of a father who didn't want to be*, by Billy Keanepolaris

10-year olds who still use the restroom with their mothers, next on Oprah.MiZcHiVeiZ

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