DFC #184

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

I haven't seen a pile of guys that big since you went walkin' naked down the street, mom.Don Spudleone

Remember the time the whole family helped grandpa with his 'dysfunction?'Fizzy

Mom, it was just Billy trying to get some gum out of your purse! Aren't you a little trigger-happy with that pepper spray?leek

Further proof of what artists who succumbed to the McCarthy Witch Hunts have to do to prove their anti-communism: the prerequisite flag at every "patriotic" holiday!Zert

Billy's so patriotic! He's going to kick the crap out of that Japanese kid sitting on the monument.Matt Holm

So after Daddy hides the film in the pumpkin, then Mr. Hiss gives it to the Commies?anon

I don't know what he's up to either, but he was screaming something about "that goddam Beetle Bailey".Norm DePlume

How much of a head start does Billy get before Daddy plugs him?Nick Danger

I really have no idea where we are, considering I can't read PJ's pennant!Fizzy

I don't get it. If you're taking pictures to remember this by, why aren't we in any of them? The way I see it, it would saved a lot of time and effort if we had just stayed home and bought a book. anon

Quick Agent "Billy" is making a break for it! Drop him with the "camera"!!Prof. Moriairty

Marty Scorcese says if we do this take right history will adopt it as reality.rfg

Daddy's not foolin' anyone with those "bar-noculars". Not only is he holding them up to his mouth, but he's got a big bourbon stain down the front of his shirt.Schickelgruber

Oh no! Billy's trying to get away to a decent comic strip again. Catch him!Anastasia

Daddy, you were a draft dodger. Shouldn't we be going to Canada for Memorial Day?The Hanged Man

And the government has a problem with gays in the military?Riff

"...the lives of 80,000 Americans, Men who Dared, Men of Liberty." Damned touching. Can we go to Burger King now?Rotter

"That should be two tickmarks on measurement," I said. "I mean, you don't want the the statue to come out twelve times too big, do you?" "What do I look like, an idiot?" you said...Rotter

I know he's messed up before, mom, but today you ARE Miss Uniboob!phonsux

This is a pretty sweet deal...we get to come to DC, eat with the President, and get our names in the paper. I tell ya, we should get arrested in foreign countries more often!Azazael

Of course I still believe in the movement, and I'm proud of the sacrifice that Billy is about to make. It's just, we only had the one bomb, and it seems that we could have made a bigger statement by sending him on the white house tour, instead..Geoduck

Oh, how impressive. Bil bought a CD of clip art.ewhac

As Dolly rambled on about the extra credit history report she was preparing, Thel reminisced about sucking off General Westmoreland in a pup tent outside of Da Nang in 1971.Vice Pope Doug

All this jingoistic bullshit makes me sick! If we'd just let the Japs take Iwo Jima, I bet my Casio digital camera would have been a LOT cheaper!!Vice Pope Doug

Daddy says when you're in th' Army, your animal instincts take over an' indiscriminate sex is something you don't hafta feel guilty about. Is that true?Vice Pope Doug

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