DFC #185

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Look Jeffy! It's been so long since they fed us, Dolly doesn't even know what to do with her hot dog!Anastasia

That's it, Jeffy, keep smiling. This gun's loaded.Matt Holm

How the hell does PJ rate pizza? We bust ass in this strip, and all we get is a coupla Moon pies! That little bastard can't even talk!!!Paul "Pablo" Reed

You see that weird antenna on the truck? Let's just not take any chances with that cloned cell phone, OK?Norm DePlume

Is it me or is this truck jingling Black Sabbath?spaz

"Okay: Jeffy, you and PJ throw the tantrums; Dolly, you hit on Mr. Moustache there. While they're distracted, I'll clear out the cash box."nice personality

I remember this guy when he was at my party as a clown! Garcy? Gackey? Something like that! Anyway, it still doesn't explain why a merit badge is in my eskimo pie! Bill Versteegen

Man, I LOVE it when Mom backhands P.J. and makes his ice cream fly!!! Well, that's what the little bastard gets when he rams two sticks of ice cream up her dress like that.Samuel of the Archangels

Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas, 'cause tomorrow it's back to the basement for us!Mike

Looks like the Computer Power Institute mail-order degree paid off; not just an icecream truck, but a mobile MS PowerPoint retail chain!Rusty Russell

Forget the egg roll ice cream! How about that pizza candy?The Hanged Man

Hey, isn't that the dogcatcher who said Barfy was killed by a drunk driver?Godzillahead

Wanna know how Dad got us all this stuff for free? I'll tell you when you're finished eating.Kevin

Wow! This is the fourth day in a row they've fed us!Kevin

Hey, when you're seven, maybe they'll spring for a Molsen Ice for you too. Til then.... Deal with it!Prof. Moriarity

Who'da thunk it--Iraq's a U.S. ally now, and all Saddam wanted was a D.C. vending permit!Kevin

This must be a new record--we only had to 'spare change' people for 45 minutes!Kevin

Makes the phrase happy hour seem bitterly ironic, doesn't it?anon

Mmm. Barfy-free's the way to be!Riff

With her lactose intolerence, Mom's got to pop a squat as soon as she bites into an ice cream bar!Arthur

I know we're gonna have immobilizing diarrhea for three days, but man I love eating food from a truck!Rotter

Nothin' like a good dog and a gallon of beer before I slap the wife around a bit! Well, in this case it's mom...but the beer and dog still taste the same!Toade

I wonder if this is some of the fudge Uncle Roy packs?Gen. Sedgwick

Mom must be feelin' pretty charitable to give PJ that beaver shot.phonsux

Wow! These brownies taste good. REALLY good. They make me feel really nice!Livin' In Deep 13

No, no Jeffy. Ice cream has a whole separate meaning outside our house.Azazael

You know, this egg-roll ice cream is surprisingly good...ewhac

Wow! Have you tasted this pizza? I thought it'd be like Mom's usual "liver paste and brussel spout" combo, but this guy uses cheese and tomato sauce!" Geoduck

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