DFC #187

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

See? I told you they didn't send Mr. Ed to the glue factory. The Gestapo busted him for snorting horseradishes, and now he's on a work-release program!OM

Just look at this scene Dad drew. I hope Uncle Roy gets out of prison soon. I'm getting scared.Anastasia

Man, Dad really IS stupid! He's looking for all the best sex shops, when all he has to do is pick from this veritable smorgasbord right in front of him!Don Spudleone

Now that's what I call service! You call those fetish people, and look what goodies they bring ya!Don Spudleone

I THINK it's a horse..but he's not carrying a pennant with the word HORSE, so..Fizzy

"Don't even bother looking so innocent, Jeffy. It's priests that like the altar boy look."leek

Despite a large protest on the steps of the Capital attended by members of the Keane family themselves, the two month long ban on the DFC was finally lifted.nonentity

. . . and I would have made it to a good strip, too, if the friggin' cop hadn't ridden me down.The Hanged Man

I think Dad's concerned that the Animated Characters of America and the NAMBLA marches fell on the same weekend.ChoppingBlock

Boy, you'd never guess that Washington D.C. is a predominantly black city from looking at one of Dad's comics, would you?S.

See, this is a perfect example of how government screws up, what with all the red tape and all that other fuck, we still got cops using Stone Age method of transportation when we could have superhuman cyborg cops with phaser pistols on really kewl anti-gravity rocket sleds. Spittlebug

Then he mounts his horse and... and why are you looking at me like that for? For Christsake, would you get your minds outta the gutter for five minutes and try to learn something for once, ok?!Stircrazy Baby

These arent like the cops back home. They dont need the car because there are no crooks in Washington.Azazael

"Just look around, Dolly -- the sea of proud, Aryan faces; the officer riding proud upon his steed; the phallic rise of the monument to our slave-owning national hero...doesn't it make you so proud of our Fatherland? Dysfunction, Dysfunction Uber Alles...nice personality

Well, so much for this. Dad forgot to bring all of our "legalize it" signs.alanon

Boy, that thing would feed us for a whole month!Mike

While the rest of the family chatters amongst themselves, a whole new WORLD of experience begins to dawn upon Jeffy.Prof. Moriarity

Dolly, as God is my witness, if you just go up there, reach underneath and give it a yank like you do on that Chatty Cathy doll, it'll make that goddamn monument look like a friggin' toothpick!Charles

"This 'Million Honkey March' will show those minorities who's still in charge!"The Fat Man

. . .and the horse he rode in on? The Hanged Man

When we get back to the hotel, okay? Geez, I don't know why you're so horny all of a sudden . . .The Hanged Man

Now there's a great place to stick PJ's damn pennant!Riff - Great to be back

C'mon Jeffy, throw the rock! You know the man has been oppressin' us! ... No, not the cop, the bug-eyed freak who keeps drawing us like this!Schickelgruber

So, next time Mom refers to dad as a "gelding", you'll have an idea what she means. Hope this helps.Paul Roub

Geez! I feel like I'm in a friggin' Highlights for Children cartoon.Huggy Bear is Tanned, Rested, and Ready!!!

Thank God PJ keeps holding that pennant up. Otherwise, they might confuse this place with one of those other cities the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building and the Iwo Jima Memorial are in!!!Rotter

Shit! Here comes SurfWatch! Help me flush all these dope and incest captions!Rotter

Man, if he's looking for a black guy to Rodney King on, he's in for one lonnng ride!Rotter

Says so right in the guide: to make them easier to train and less excitable in crowds, they castrate 'em. The horse, too.Rotter

Well thats just great! Here Im thinking "Alright! The DFC ended in DC!" Then that punk had to go and start it back up. We'll be back at that rat trap by the end of the week.Azazael

Dammit you guys, quit lookin at Waldo. You're giving the whole thing away.Norm DePlume

So the Post dropped him for the Lockhorns. Why can't he put down the paper and enjoy the sights?Charlie Steinhice

I told you Dad couldn't read a map. This is not the Grand Canyon.Kevin

Naw, I wasn't going to say anything about Bil's arm going through Thel's torso . . . I was thinking of a "Man on the Grassy Knoll" caption.phonsux

"I don't know what looks better, the horse or the guy on it."Daniel Lanker

The sexual imagery in these cartoons is getting hard to take.Pik

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