DFC #188

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

I don't care how geeky it is; there's a Star Trek reference to be made here, and I'm going to make it. Uh.... Look, it's the Phoenix! ... You know..., Zephram Cocharam's space ship. ... You know..., the guy in Star Trek: First Contact... the one who was the farmer in Babe , but he was in All in the Family before that.... Geez, what's wrong with you people?Robert

Daddy, Jeffy's getting in front of the capsule, after all those hours you spent tracing it!Greg J

Mom! Dad! Jeffys trying to tell us something! What is it Jeffy? C'mon, boy, show us!Azazael

"Yes, we have liftoff," Jeffy thought, as an ecstasy not unlike weightlessness enveloped him. At once he could see the Freudian overtones of the whole U.S. space program with stunning clarity.anon

We are not alone in the universe--not even when we want to be, especially if we have a sister like Dolly. --Jeffy, MemoirsKevin

Dad, I think that no matter how much you sketch, you're still destined to output one majorly feeble comic out of this.Zenmaster

Mom! Jeffy is drawing faces on the space capsule and he won't give me any markers! Make him share!Crusty Booger

C'mon Dad! Like anyone is going to think it's cute that Jeffy has to pee so bad that he'd duplicate the Chuck Yeager "Yellow Lights" thing!phonsux

"Mom! Dad! HELP! An alien presence is overpowering our minds and makin' us do the Macarena!"nice personality

Jeffy got it stuck in the exhuast pipe again!Coyote

Hey Bil, are we about done with our zany antics in our nation's capital? 'Cause I'd like to get back to the hotel an earn some more souvenir money.anon

"Jeffy's taunting the DFCers to write stupid penis captions!"phonsux

"Typical low brow for you, Dad. Makin' Jeffy wiz in the Smithsonian . . . would a little class and dignity hurt any of us?"phonsux

"In the early days of the strip, Billy was a special effects nightmare, originally portrayed by a massive computer. This "proto-Billy" was difficult for the other Keanes to play off of, and when the technology needed to refine him was developed, it was well-recieved." --excerpt from Peachy Keane: A Look Back at the Family CircusJim Smith

Mom! Jeffy's "first stage" is leaking fuel again !Carl

You think this is bad? Wait'll you see what Billy's doin' in th' Natural History exhibit!Vice Pope Doug

Look everyone! PJ found our ship! Now we can finally go home and get out of this hellish circle!The Almighty Afro

Look! Jeffy found little bits of alien space kill!Anastasia

If the moon landings weren't faked, how come this thing has wheels?Anastasia

"Thank god for the stupid list", Jeffy thought, "Hopefully all the masturbation captions end up there."anon

Don't you idots know that the whole thing was a hoax by Secular Humanists who were trying to discredit the Bible? Get down on your knees right here and pray for forgiveness!His Imperial Majesty

"See, it even has a trailer hitch and antilock brakes. Plus it comes with a year's supply of Tang."Heath

"Look everybody! Jeffy's found one of John Glenn's old condoms! And, boy, did he have the right stuff!"Texas Tom

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