DFC #189

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

BAM!!!BAM!!! POW!!!!BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM!!!!!! HeeHee. OK P.J , your turn.Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon

Ok, now, if you'll notice that the Sixth Floor window was obviously not in the right angle for Oswald to...oh shit! Wait a minute! I've got the wrong travel guide! Nevermind...OM

Ok, first we piddled on the Alamo, then Grant's Tomb and JFK's Eternal Flame. All that's left now is to take a crap on the steps of the White House, and we can get on 'Jerry Springer' for sure!OM

Beige. I wonder what the outside would look like in beige?OM

PJ tries to contain the barf as he gets a whiff of Dolly's armpit.tomas

Ok, you've got the fence down. Billy, load up the grenade launcher. Dad...I wanna get a picture of this.Casey Jones

They all watched eagerly as Dolly ate the lead-laden paint flakes from the White House mural, beginning her unwitting slide into dementia.Marty Gray

That low howl isn't a moose - It's Janet Reno treating her yeast infection.Carl

Look everyone! The real world is beakoning us from the mists! Run! Run for all your worth!The Almighty Afro

"I think I can make it," Dolly shouted as she broke into a run. The family just sat there slackjawed, and within a few seconds the sharpshooters had done their work.nonentity

Oh, of course Chelsea will be my friend. If not, I'll just have to take her home with us and keep her in the basement until she's more agreeable.Anastasia

This must be a good time to raid Bil's wallet. That's the exact view that's on the back of a $20 bill.Norm DePlume

"...Da-ad! Stop looking at Thel's tits for one second, would you? Geez."The Monkey's Uncle

As the new First Family marched excitedly toward their new digs, the Illuminati--sequestered a posh desert bunker thousands of miles away--cackled with glee. The world's 'only superpower' would be a pushover beyond their wildest hopes.Kevin

You call this a matte painting?! No way am I compositing a 2-mile-wide spaceship against this! Someone throw this joker off the studio lot!!ewhac

And here's another dysfunctional family with a patriarch named Bill!Riff

Go ahead and have your Difficult Zone goons rough me up! "What kind of a moron artist forgets to draw the security fence?!?" It has to be said!Rotter

Don't cry, PJ. I think I see your pennant up there!phonsux

Let me put it this way. A big contribution isn't the only ticket to spend the night in the Lincoln Bedroom.Gen. Sedgwick

"If she leans just a little bit more", thought Billy, "I'll get to see Dolly's new 'Hillary Underoos'!"W. Darren Prouty

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