DFC #19

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Hey Dolly, you've been rubbing your legs together again, I bet. You have that dreamy look on your face.Dietrich von Muir

I've got 2 tickets to tomorrow's sunrise...and YOU'RE invited, baby!bobo

"The Time of Trial is approaching. Soon the ignorant masses will cower in fear as our...what are you grinning at?"Felix W.

"I can slam this finger through your forehead."Felix W.

You run in screaming "Billy fell off the roof!!' and I'll dump the water on 'em when they come out!!Murman

I have a bigger head then you do! Neener Neener Neener!jake

How do you get your shirt on over that big-ass head of yours?anon

You look more like a hydrocephalic midget than I do! Pariah

Dolly? Have you seen my...AIEEE!!! Jesus! I've told you how much it creeps me out when you rotate your head 180 degrees!!!Andy Ihnatko

Hmm. "Chuck, Chuck, Bo-Buck, Banana-Fanna Fo-Fff..." Hey, it does! That is so cool!!!Andy Ihnatko

You know how they say vampires don't cast shadows?Kelvin Cabrera-Castellar

Don't bitch at me! At least you still have both your arms.Kelvin Cabrera-Castellar

Pull my finger!Greg J

do they call you "melon head" at school, too?gail g.

Don't look now but Jeffie's behind you with a woodie!mark t

I just noticed that you have that same wish bone in your ear, too!the brian

Yeah, I know, and only our shoes cast shadows. Welcome to Bil's perspective-distorted, head-mangled, ink-rationed wonderland freakshow!Rusty Q.

Ha Ha....Milkman's Kid!SatanX

Grampa says that chickens are so stupid, you can hypnotize them just by holding your finger up...like this...and getting them to stare at it. Dolly? ...Dolly?Andy Ihnatko

A red asterisk? Flying toward my HEAD? What have YOU been smokin'?zazu

I said I don't want to see your damn neutering scar! Go to hell!Dan

"yeah, well, plastic ones don't count . . so mine's still bigger!"anon

Dolly, how many times have I told you? It just doesn't look right smiling like that with your hand in you pocket.Sunflower

What!? Do you think Mom even knows what a diaphragm is?Rishmawy

My head popped open; can I borrow a couple of your penlines?anon

"Since Wednesday. When'd they lock YOU out?"Mr. Clean

Yeah, you can spit it out. The pope only gets pissed when you use a condom!zazu

Now Dolly, you know how Mom hates it when you talk directly into our minds.!

If God loves everyone, how come you look like a troll?Zarcon, Devourer of Nuts

I don't care what positions you learned in yoga class, I can still pee farther than you.Splatt

Hey bullet-head, let ME try doing your ponytail! I bet I can stretch your head even farther than Mom!PG

"Now in this scene, you're idly minding your own business when the naked chainsaw-wielding maniac comes out and chops your head off. Jeffy, ready with the chainsaw?"Paul T. Riddell

You know Dolly, they say that if you can't keep it in your pants, you should keep it in the family.Pooh

Ok, NOW smell my finger.PG

"Oh yeah, smartypants? Well, in about ten years, blood's gonna pour out of you every month. Look it up."Jeffy

Whoa, be careful Dolly. You almost hit your head on the edge of the panel!Greg J

"...an then Daddy starts rubbing his eyes and says, 'I don't feel right. Could the little bastards have put something in the coffee?' Course, by this time, Mommy is about unconscious on the floor..."Blake

You tried the enema, didn't you? I told you it was worth it.BK

My finger went through the toilet paper. Wanna smell?Haywire

I'll be Bill, are you gonna be Hillary, Gennifer or Paula?anon

Dolly, can you believe we really outlasted the Far Side?anon

Dolly, here comes Andy and his usual captions. You go that way and hide.Len Mizutowicz

Look, I just think that Mom and Dad will figure out that those piles in the yard aren't all from the dog.Jimbo

"So I told her,'Listen, babe, you're not the first one I've knocked up, so back off'. I mean, I'm young. I've got oats to sow."casil

Dolly, what the hell is that bulge in your pants?mattp

Dolly, I recomend you run and don't even pause to turn back, beacuse Jeffy's right behind you with a chainsaw!Ulak

So... I take it you like it when I poke you there...anon

whoa! only 20 bux for a trick? your the best deal ive found in months!thorazine

Hah! I've only got the corner of one stuck in my head. Your's is split right down the middle!anon

Look! he's doing it again! That dumb dog is sleeping on top of his doghouse!zazu

Ha ha ha! I have a penis and you don't!!!anon

Just how are we supposed to walk back inside without ankles?Teo

Oh no! You're probably looking for Rose is Rose or some other Warm-Fuzzy strip! Those are over THERE! This is the Family Circus, and believe me, this place isn't pretty!Magus

Those womanly wiles won't work on me... I'm your brother!8R

Uh uh, Dad loves ME best; an I've got the cigarette burns to prove it.Bobo Newton

I'll stab Daddy in the back while you ask him some stupid question about Barfy.Ruby Aspidistra

Guess what you did last night, Miss "Alcohol-doesn't-affect-me"?Roy Johnson

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