DFC #190

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Dad...how do you know where to dig when you apparently have no eyeballs?"Mutant Dog

"Jeffy is asking too many questions about the pods," the Bil clone registered in its neuro-processor. "He must be silenced permanently like the others before him."P.T. Swizzlestick

I'll bet those fucking Mormons will think twice before knocking on this door again, eh, dad?Toade

It might help if you actually put the plants in the ground, instead of just saying "me dig, me dig, me dig" and dropping the plant on the dirt.Schickelgruber

Look, another human tooth. I guess Mr. Tataglia didn't want to risk losing half his mulch and fertilizer business in the divorce...Rotter

"I'm gonna take the bag now, Pops. We need it over in 191."Heath

Item the first: Use a garden trowel, not a mason's trowel. Item the second, dirt works better than Sakrete.Charlie Steinhice

Okay, Luther Burbank, you wanna explain the logic of planting an oak sapling ONE INCH from the house???Charlie Steinhice

Jeeze dad, you must be the first guy ever to get wood for a potted pansy.Eblis

"Dad, you got to hide me. dolly's on the rampage. i guess i shouldent have called her a knocked up slut after she did that line of cock and downed the 40."Ace

Okay Daddy, bend over! That cute guy next door is looking, and you didn't squeeze into your extra tight pants for nothing!Livin' In Deep 13

Its a special moment when a father teaches his son the proper way to give head.Azazael

sigh...Dad, are we still fixated on doing Alger Hiss impressions with our pumpkins? Look, next time we go to Los Vegas, where at least you'll be stuck with the same neuroses you left home with...OM

Damn, dad, can't you just BUY fertilizer like everyone else? One more Ex-Lax and I'm gonna shit my lower intestine.Casey Jones

Daddy, are you trying to grow a PJ tree?Mike Smith

Dad, if we don't grow any bigger with the passage of time, why do you expect the plants to behave any differently? S.

Enough with the gardening allready! We have four-foot bugs in the backyard!Prof. Moriarity

Urp! So you were right once! Potash isn't a damn thing like..*ugrk*... pot or hashish. Would you quit gloating and start digging that hole a lot bigg..*erk* and deep..*erp* real quick? Crusty Booger

"With the DFC back, I'm going to have to spoil this otherwise bucolic, wholesome scene by reaching for your crotch. It's nothin' personal, okay?"phonsux

Oh, Daddy, I just had this horrible dream! I was in this place called Washington, DC -- and you were there, and Mom, and Dolly, and everyone else -- oh, Daddy, there's no place like home!Heath

"Daddy, you fool! That's commercial hemp -- it has hardly any THC!"nice personality

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