DFC #191

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Trick or treat!! Oh, sorry, for a minute there I thought it was Halloween and you were dressed as a used car salesman."MutantDog

...and, finally, item #101 of things on this plane that would look better than that jacket. Now shall we recap, or do you have the idea?alanon

Now's our chance... Okay, listen up! Everyone deposit their money and jewelry in this bag, or my Dad will hand out Family Circus cartoons!Ratman

Hey Dad, this would have been useful to your public when you drew Dilbert's strip on April 1st, wouldn't it?anon

Hey Dad, look what I smuggled on board! 4 bucks a drink, fuck that!anon

Oh my God! I'm all for saving the earth, but this recycling crap has gone too far.Toff

Barf bag? You're so naive. This is what I'm stickin' over my head to get out of this hellhole of a strip.Don Spudleone

"Quick, Dad, let's get drunk and test it out! Waitress!!"Dr. Zam

He He He...I just told Dolly these were trick or treat bags and now she's dumping out all the full ones looking for candy!anon

Don't let them give you any grief, Dad. I don't think your sportcoat's too loud. In fact, now that I'm used to it, the naseua is almost all gone - I didn't need this after all.Joe Klein

Just put the jacket in here. It'll save a step and be quieter than the reaction I'm about to have to it.Peon

Just deposit your hopes and dreams into the bag. It's an appropriate place for them.Anastasia

Hey, look. Just like we use when we pretend to rob the 7-11!Azazael

"Damn, this really is a cheap flight, Dad. I asked the stewardess where the bathroom is, and she handed me this bag. And it's not even two-ply."The Simian

How's this Dad? I blow it up and pop it, while you pretend to wave around a gun. The sky marshall two seats back'll put you out of your misery and improve the pattern of that liesure suit in one swell foop.Stefan Jones

Allright Dad!!! this seat came with complimentary green silly putty!wraith

Of course we're going to need these. What do you expect from "Flying Grenade Airlines"?Preacher/Judge

A vomit bag, Bil! Surely you can think of a funny cartoon about a vomit bag!Kevin

You'll be needing this--I'm afraid the in-flight movie has Kevin Costner in it.Trent

...and if we put these brown paper "airsickness bags" into the seat-backs, we can almost imagine we're not taking a Greyhound all the way home from Washington!Rotter

I got the "Jimmy Hats" right here, bill! You ready to join the "mile high club"?Karl Marx

You can tell these folks are familiar with your work!Bill Versteegen

Just as Jeffy's chatter about the paper bag reached maximum inanity, Bil saw his son's airline seat swell to gargantuan proportions. The horse tranquilizers were working their magic.Jojo the Spiv

Well, from this, I'd hazard a guess that we'd best not have the beef.Vice Pope Doug

"The captain has turned off the No Hurling sign ..." Heh, heh -- God, Daddy, I'm way funnier than you!Vice Pope Doug

...a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls. What did you bring?anon

We're rich, Daddy! I got someone to sponsor us a dollar for each "eating barf" caption this cartoon gets!The Outsider

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