DFC #192

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Wow! A whole lake full of booze. No wonder congress meets here.Bubba

"...and what did Daddy mean, 'tell Jodie Foster I love her'?"E.

Oh, great. Just fucking great. How many months of our food budget did Daddy spend on his model-railroad obsession this time?Ida Know

Is this the building where Daddy ratted on the Hollywood Ten?DrBear

Mom, why do we always vacation in shitholes like this? Just once I'd like to go to Bankok and check out the "dens".anon

So when the social worker said Daddy was having congress with Uncle Roy, it means they came here?Gen. Sedgwick

So what you're saying is that it takes 535 of these sad, pathetic fuckers to commit in two years the number of felonies, misdemeanors and assorted acts of depravity WE commit in a slow week?The 4-Star Pope

My hand is clenched in a fist of rage because the special interest groups have turned this once great shrine of Democracy into a bloated monument to man's greed. Also, I accidentally sat on that damn pennant.Schickelgruber

Well, at least the flooding seems to have gotten rid of all the poor black people.Preacher/Judge

If Dad actually gets that NEA grant, I'm burning a flag right here.Kevin

Let's spend every vacation in Doonesbury!Rotter

Wow! It looks like it's cold there in Congress today!Rotter

...Lessee, if I've got the staff measured right, we can line it up with the sun, the Rotunda apex, and that statue of ol'George, and finally figure out where the Feds stashed the fucking Ark of the Covenent this time!OM

That's it! Rant about how great the backdrop is! Any of you melon-heads realize the damn Capitol doesn't cast a REFLECTION!?!?!?Blue Gargantua

So I guess the uncircumcised penis at the pond is a symbol of the white man's control over the sea of humanity.FatSkinnyWhite

After chewing the mealworms, Thel quickly deposits them into the waiting mouth of her chirping offspring.Tehporp

He came up for air once, but PJ jabbed him with that pennant.anon

So that's the building where they decided we can't use our food stamps to buy booze. That's just fucking great.Swads

Is that the real Ted Kennedy passed out on the steps?!?Toff

if that big phallic thing is george washington's monument, this one must be martha's, huh?tbone33

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