DFC #193

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Sure, you've got an injunction on me, you little jerk, but there aren't any on your siblings, so quit poppin' off!"phonsux

How many times do I have to tell you, yelling "INCOMING" at the VietNam wall is not funny.Lt. Dan

When we get in, Chelsea's MINE! That little slut could suck-start a Harley, and I'll fucking kill you if you so much as look at her, capiche?5150

And I was so near climax, too!anon

I've been pulling your finger for FIVE MINUTES! Is anything going to happen?Mighty Owl

. . .alright, I've had it. No spanking tonight for you, young man!The Hanged Man

Jeffy, this had better be one damn fine whore! You brother and sister are mad as hell for haivng to miss the rest of the "Arrests of Washington" tour!Tony's Dancing Clams

"I know, I didn't see the 'Pants Required' sign either! Who knew?"Larry Hastings

I agree with you. There should be a monument to Bob Packwood. But women just don't see it that way.Anastasia

I thought my "Speed" jokes were funny. They didn't have to kick us off, though. Jeez!anon

I know you're proud, son, but shouting "No, no, Daddy did it!" when the verdict was announced was a bad thing.Stefan Jones

Having wrested the goddamn pennant away from PJ, Dolly saw the perfect chance to stick it where it really belonged...anon

Listen, Jeffy--what Daddy does with Mommy's underthings in our home is private. Those people don't need to hear about it.anon

Stop whining. You can walk on the ground when your legs are longer.Dr. B.

"Sorry, kids. I don't know why they call it a shuttle tour -- never saw the damn thing, myself."Moorlock

I just don't understand it! women can breastfeed in public, no problem. A man tries it and suddenly everyone screams "Pervert!"Mike Smith

Weird Al Yankovic is not your hero. I am, damnit! Me! Me, me, ME!phonsux

Because if I didn't put the Capitol dome on top of the bus, how would our readers know we're in D.C?anon

Do not EVER have sex on a bus with a stranger without a condom! You are grounded young man!Vice Pope Doug

So what if it was Dan Quayle? Do you know how lucky we were to have any former vice-president driving the bus?Rotter

Hey kids, look! Keep on Truckin! Oh never mind, I was just pretending I had talent.Norm DePlume

"Don't look back at the driver... didn't you see the way he was undressing me with his eyes?"Mr. Menstration

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