DFC #196

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"No, Jeffy!" thought PJ. "Don't scowl! We must pretend to enjoy her inane chatter until our Day of Vengeance Taking is at hand, so she will be totally unprepared! Oh, God, if only I could speak!"Blankenhorn

First Dad, now that plant, thought Jeffy. Why is she using her powers to make everything in the house grow except for the one thing I asked her to make bigger? Greg J

"Has it come to this?" thought Jeffy. "Has our society's constant emphasis on competition reduced even us to reveling in a victory over a contest as inane as who's grown the biggest plant? ... Nice cunt, though."Schwarzfahrer

Obviously, Jeffy was pissed. Buying the triffid cuttings had been his plan for world domination, dammit!!Shifter

...thus demonstrating the superiority of my feminine erotic lunar fertility rites over Jeffy's patriarchal and unnatural chemicals!not elsie

Jeffy jealously eyes the crotch tattoo that Bill gave Dolly.bink

In my first horticultural experiment, one plant sucked up nutrients from the younger ones, one spread it's pollen for any bee that came along, one was sick, twisted and poisonous, and the last was a shriveled little stump. The irony of this didn't hit me for years. - Dolly Keane - A LifeDelsyn

As Dolly rambled on about her useless plants, Jeffy wondered if he'd EVER get his G.I. Joe Commando Submarine back.Gromble

See Daddy, this is where I injected the growth hormones I stole from Jeffy.Livin' In Deep 13

I've named the tiny, limp one 'Bil'!El Vez

My "Li'l druid's" handbook says that with enough experience, I can change this plant into a constricting vine!Riff

Jeffy sadistically planned his revenge. First, he would tie and gag her, then he would beat her until she was unconscious. Upon awakening, she would find herself roasting on Bil's barbecue. There she would spend the last of her waking moments as she died a slow and horrible death. Jeffy then decided that this would be too complicated, so he left his imagination behind and gave her a swift punch in the cunt.JustSayOz

See? Jeffy's pineal secretions boosted Sample B's growth 90%. The tap stays in, and that's final.Rotter

Hee, hee. Jeffy owes me twenty bucks. I bet him we'd get over 100 "pot plant" captions.Greg J

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