DFC #199

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Sex, sex, sex that's all anyone around here talks about! Can't someone help me with my homework for once?Yakko

NOW do you see the impracticalities of splicing human and moth DNA, you depraved asshole?Mighty Owl

A rag was now all that remained of Dolly, and Jeffy could only shout back at the assembled scientists his pathetic mantra: "My theories ARE sound!"Bill

"I don't give a shit if I've got the best lines; PJ's gettin' sack time with that brown sugar, Sunny, from Jumpstart; I should at least be tonguing Edda from 9Chickweed Lane!"phonsux

Fearing for their jobs, the children secretly auditioned for other strips. No one would consider Jeffy, who vowed to crush them all with his own cartoon, "The Adventures of Steel Wool Hair Boy."Big ol' Bob

Today's drawing lesson: using eyebrows to indicate emotion. Note how PJ looks sad, while Jeffy looks..Japanese.Roy

Thel... PJ won't put his mascara on! Dammit, how're we gonna perform La Cage Aux Folle if he won't cooperate?TBone

I believe, ladies and gentleman, that the facts will show that my client is an innocent man who has been set up for this heinous crime due to the love triangle between my client, Ms. Ida No, and Mr. Not Me.Greg J

PJ looked up with dismay. With Jeffy still in that pissy mood of his, the family ogry was going to be another dud tonight.ninailer

PJ realized, as Jeffy stood yelling angrily about the Waco incident, that this could, ultimately, lead to nothing but trouble.The Outsider

Mom, PJ won't stop doing his stupid Drew Carey impersonation! Gromble

All right, we're going to try this again. I need my prostate gland expressed, so take your thumb out of your mouth and shove it up my ass. I'm glad you brought your towel, too. We're going to need it.Mr. Wise Guy

Oh, so "Daddy doesn't have any more underwear to hand-down," huh? Meanwhile I've been "going commando" for three weeks!Rotter

Rare Self Portrait with P.J. and attitude by Honore Daumier (1877) predates the Family Circus by almost a centuryMoorlock

It's not fair! You said P.J. would be imitating Schroeder, so I prepared a whole book of "pianist" jokes!Joe Klein

Damn, the Linusites got PJ.slaanesh

"Mom! Dad! Bad news! PJ found his way back from Washington DC somehow!"MutantDog

I looked at Jeffy in horror. I had once thought of him as a role model...and my best friend. But then, I realized, clutching the remnants of Dolly's tattered shirt, that he was no longer my brother..he was a monster..a monster who had killed every member of our family with his school supplies. I had to stop him. But what could I do? I was barely one year old..... P.J. Keane--Memories of a miserable childhoodUltra-Girl

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