DFC #2

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Daddy, the caption for this cartoon is so pathetically obvious I'm not even going to dignify it by saying it.anon

"Stuck with your face and mom's head... I hate both of you!"anon

"Can you show me how to 'lap dance'?"Ray Gaskill

Daddy, how 'come you're such a pathetic human being?GM

Sooo, Jack Daniels for breakfast again?jk

Lost a bundle on the ponies again, Bil? apt

You look just like John Tesh, 'cept you're a drunken loser.anon

"Daddy, you know how you can tell you're really sick? I can poke you in the eyes and you won't blink or nothing."Paul T. Riddell

"Lordy, you actually have eyes! You really need to clean those glasses more often."Paul T. Riddell

Don't feel too bad, Daddy. It happens to all men sometimes.Roy Olsen

Not so tough without your glasses, are you, you big dope!Roger Rabehl

Antabuse is supposed to make you feel bad.anon

Ok, Then. How about I *READ* you the want ads?anon

Not unless you use a condom.anon

"Charles Schulz doesn't knock off for the day after drawing just one damned panel! That's why he has $250,000,000 and a private plane and you have a crummy tract house in the suburbs!!!"Andy Ihnatko

Daddy, I don't think drinking all of my cough syrup was such a good idea.Tim Kaldahl

I told you that Crystal Meth wasn't cooked long enough!Nethicus

Daddy, put your glasses back on. I'm not Mommy!Milt Hathaway

"You know this isn't helping me at all with my Electra complex, Daddy."anon

Hey Daddy! Pull my finger!Dreggy

Look dad, how many times do I have to say it? Lay off the bong!!anon

Daddy, how come we have two sets of eyebrows?nuttyegg

Rocko only *warned* you this time, but if you bring Barney to my next party you're a dead man.Roxanne LeReaux

This strip blows! I'm goin' ta elope with Zippy.anon

If you're gonna keep having these fights with Mommy, mebbe you should buy a futon.Rob Marquardt

You haven't been laid in a while, have you daddy?anon

This dry humping sucks!anon

Listen, I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just saying if I were bigger than Mommy, she wouldn't be telling ME where to sleep.Blake

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