DFC #200

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

I hear that some strips are actually drawn in THREE dimensions. Can you believe it? otis

Dolly thought it was funny to play the old "Read Between the Lines" joke with her fingers on the boys. She didn't think it was so funny when the three fingers were snapped like pretzels a few seconds later. Billy and Jeffy hated women who were smarter than they.Kurt S.

Bil's only three inches, stop rubbing your behind, it couldn't have hurt that much.Swanee

"And the third commandment is 'Honor thy sister, and giveth her all your candy and toys.' "Tony's Dancing Clams

"No way, it's real simple, and it's legal, too. You just send $5 to each name on the list, then move the names up one and put your own at the bottom..."MAKE.TVS.SPATCH.FAST

But don't you see, Marx's teachings prove that capitalism is a dying philosophy!Don Spudleone

And the best part is that the more people you get to go along with the plan, the richer you'll be!Don Spudleone

Today's panel was brought to you by the number 3 and the...Three! THREE, you lunkheads! Damn these education cuts!Big ol' Bob

And get this! You get three shampoos...all in one!Big ol' Bob

"Reason number three it won't work: Just because you two hear voices in your head doesn't mean you're Scanners."Shifter

You want to hear that funny coconut sound again? OK, then. On the count of "three," we all lean in and knock our heads together!Yakk

Their memories were unclear; just her first gesture and a yell. But the grim reality that, while they had been playing Mortal Kombat on the Sega for the last year, Dolly had been studying the real thing came crashing down on them in the next few brutal seconds...ewhac

"Okay, so where as I? Oh yeah. So, the third guy, Mr. Pink, comes in, and... Oh, Christ. I've hypnotized you idiots again, haven't I? I swear, you two have all the neural complexity of chickens!"Shifter

"I want the job done, and I want the job done right. Three shots. Aim for the head and remember, be clean boys. Or else we're all going away for a long time. The money will be in a suitcase in a dumpster in the allieway."sINad

"And then the dentist told me, 'This may hurt a little', and WHAM! He knocked my tonsils out and clear into the cieling!"little daniel jones

Okay, now I only have three fingers, Jeffy's only got one nostril, and Billy's hands are severed at the wrists. Now if we can just find a way to mutilate PJ, we'll be ready for Halloween.Livin' In Deep 13

To make a good first impression on a date, keep in mind, girls like to have at least 3 fingers this size in them.PoohBear

Look, scissors may cut paper, but three fingers in your windpipe beats anything...OM

While the boys hid their Thalidomide-disfigured hands in shame, Dolly bragged about her three digits.Marty Gray

And when Daddy's too drunk to talk, this hand signal means "Three fingers of gin".Riff

Well, if you won't pull one finger, how about three?slaanesh

...and it was with that little extra spurt of effort that I was able to get a grip on the car keys. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be a gynecologist.Diggit

Sure it cost a finger, but the Yakuza requires the discipline of loyalty. When you're older, you'll understand.P.T. Swizzlestick

So I did some math and figured, with only three kids, they'd be able to feed us each four times a week! Who wants to ice the little pennant toting freak?keldog

"Double, Double, toil and trouble...fire burn and cauldron bubble. When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?..."little daniel jones

Okay, here's the latest from the rumor vine: Funky Winkerbean and Tank Macnamara were caught bumping uglies, Cathy's gone in for liposuction, Luann's having an abortion, and--get this--Peppermint Patty is NOT a dyke!robbo

Oh yeah! Well just remember while you are working in your dead-end jobs, I will be ruthlessly using my sexuality to improve my station in life, one bed at a time. Cruel Grey Rake

By the time the steamroller came backed up the third time, PJ was merely a stain, and bitter reality hit mommy. She moaned like a beached whale. Never again would the laughter of an infant drift through the house. It was fucking hilarious!Mighty Owl

Honest! The doctor said I have three different STDs.Anastasia

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