DFC #202

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Forget it. If I get no dinner, you get no story. Capiche?"halaq

Stare deep into my hypno-hair and bend to my will! anon

It's about fucking time somebody let me out of that book!anon

I think it allegorically portrays the alienation felt when the innocent 'little red riding hood' in us all must acknowledge the 'wolf' that is reality. Or it could just be about some chick that wears red.sINad

Another Hallmark moment: Jeffy learns he's being written out of the family will.Beware of Dog

"So how come Daddy didn't let us burn this crap instead of all that Jewish intellectual propaganda?"tv's Spatch

Man, Stephen King has really been putting out some horseshit recently!Evil Ed

Oh, you are so fucking STUPID! The book I wanted you to read was RIDING RED'S LITTLE HOOD!Evil Ed

This isn't another one of your sugar-coated communist fary tales is it? I still haven't gotten over "Snow Red and the Seven Comrades"!!!Comrade Huggy Bearinski

Is this the version written by Vice Pope Doug?Mr. Ben

Red's parents are depicted as neglectful, Grandma accepts handouts, a male wolf is shown putting on women's clothes, and the story teaches reliance on huntsmen rather than on God alone. That's why Bill Bennett doesn't approve of it.Horselover Fat

"Oh yeah, like you could really cut someone's belly open and fill it with rocks while they're sleeping. Christ, I barely got the knife in Dolly before she started wailin' up a storm!"Shifter

I want Daddy to read it. You can't carry the tune, and your howls have Sam the Sham spinning in his grave.Charlie Steinhice

Franklin was over at Charlie Brown's yesterday, and he had a better version: Boyz an' da Hood: Or, The Story Of Why Little Red Doesn't Walk Alone At Night In The Park Anymore!OM

"Show your other damn hand. I don't want a buncha molestation captions, capiche?"phonsux

I've heard this one a million times before and Little Red Riding Hood most certainly did not give blowjobs down at the 76 station.Mighty Owl

Speaking of " Little Red Riding Hood "... Dad ran over Freida from " Peanuts " on th' way to work today...Doc Evil

So how long until Disney ruins THIS classic?Mr. Ben, professional Disney critic

Once, just once, would it be too much to ask that your interpretation of the classics NOT end up with all the characters involved in an S&M bondage orgy? The 4-Star Pope

This is so STUPID! We've NEVER been fooled when Daddy put on Grandma's clothes!Gen. Sedgwick

Yeah, I fucked her...her and her grandmother!Dain Bread

"No, the hood is a hymen, red symbolizes menarche, the wolf is predatory male sexuality, and that priest's collar you're wearing does nothing for me at all."Moorlock

Personally, I would've double tapped her ass when she walked in the door. None of that "the better to see you with" crap.Bubba

Why is it that when Daddy reads the story, Red Riding Hood winds up in the sack with the Woodsman?Doctor Radium

Why the fuck would you draw a cock on the Grandma?Raymond Scott Pfledderer of Deli 26

"What's with this PC crap? In the original, she gets PORKED before the wolf eats her!"ANONYMAUS

So this is the basis for your disgusting cannibalism fantasies? Cruel Grey Rake

"What are teeth?"Heath

How come when WE give a basket of treats to Granma, it usually involves Meat By-Products?anon

I don't know what's causing the mood swings. I just know that every 2 or 3 panels I get totally pissed off!Joe Klein

"I'm going to eat you, little girl?" Christ, doesn't anyone just fuck anymore?anon

Hey, dumbass, Billy's the one who gets off on nun outfits and fairy tales. I'm the leather kid.Hugh Jass

You don't do the disemboweling noises right!Vice Pope Doug

Helmet hair, dyke hair, helmet hair, dyke hair.....for God's sake, make up you mind!Tazabby

This product insults wolves!Brainiac

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