DFC #21

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Can you teach me to fly like that mom?Mike

"Look, we ALL know that this caption is so bloody obvious...so whaddya say we just scoot our butts over to Cartoon Number 22 and keep Keane out of the Welfare line?"Wes Flinn

All I'm saying is if you let 'em get too friendly with each other, you're going to have 200 very pissed-off customers at the cage fight this weekend...Andy Ihnatko

Well, the animal tests of our love potion were a complete success! You can see what it did to Barfy, and as for Dad, well, the minivan's gonna need a new front fender.Andy Ihnatko

Call Animal Control and cancel...Billy and I came up with a better test. If PJ doesn't get rabies, then Barfy's clean and we didn't have to have him destroyed to find out!Andy Ihnatko

Well, I don't appear to be wearing any pants, your breasts are even more prominent than usual, and Barfy is violating PJ. Personally, I'm thinking this is a justiable laff riot even without a caption.Incessant Boredom Man

"Mom, you should try the dog out, too! Everyone else has."Felix W.

"The neighbor's dog pissed all over Jeffy's face again."Rick S.

You're about to see why we named him "Barfy".anon

Mommy, After the way they fucked each other, don't they have to get married now?RBByrnes

Cripes! Can't you put a crowbar in your wallet and just buy the damn dog some alpo?RBByrnes

No, that's OK...go back to reading your paper. PJ's actually been calling Barfy "Mommy" for the past few months, so your presence will just confuse him.Andy Ihnatko

I knew it! You've been sitting on his face again haven't you!?anon

Barfy's pink pencil is showin' again!jim

You've been feeding PJ Kal-Kan again, haven't you?ik

...but when daddy did that to me you got mad!LOG

I'm telling you he tastes like chicken!! Even the dog knows it!! NOW can we eat him?Nick Helms

Sorry, mom, I ran out of hovering gags for you two panels ago.ewhac

Mommy! Spot doesn't like me anymore! He's already mounted PJ twice today, but he's completely ignoring me!GM

Mommy? Is THIS foreplay?Battlecry

Mom, tell that little bastard to get back here and help pull my leg outta this thing!!anon

PJ's standin'! Does that mean he don't hafta sleep outside with the dog no more?Mikael Behrens

Would telling him where that's just been traumatize him?anon

This should either teach Barfy not to drink out of the toilet or teach P.J. to flush.Greg J

Mommy, will you please tell those two to get a room?anon

Oh Sure! It's cute when Barfy licks PJ, but if Barfy licks me, that's beastiality!Sideshow Alex

The original caption for this was "Barfy's tasting PJ". Is it me, or does further perversion seem somewhat unnecessary? anon

Should I tell PJ the view from back here is much better?mattp

Dont'cha think Barfy's collar is just a tad tight?Stomp

Isn't it adorable, the way Barfy's trying to lick PJ's head back into a normal shape?Trism

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