DFC #210

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Awww, is poor 'ittle Wambo gonna cwy? DieBilDie

Jeffy could barely hold back the tears as his sister mocked him about not being able to hit the green asterisk target.i guess he fell short

"Zo close, Mizter Bond, and yet zo far. You have forgotten that my bionic flesh is unaffected by your pitiful cyanide arrows. And now, Mizter Bond...You will die."Dan Jones

Run! The neighbors don't suspect you yet. They were busy rushing the cat to the vet. Hide this stuff in Billy's room.arnette

"You failed to get the Arrow of Witty Words passed the red asterisk, Turdhopper. Therefore you will serve another three year contract until you can get beyond the Difficult Zone."phonsux

Black Canary & Green Arrow star in this months " D.C. Universe Babies "Doc Evil

The front page of Family Circus's White Trash Valentine's Day card...Nuke the Gay Whales for Christ

'Playing 'long distance proctologist' is only for trained professionals. Maybe when you're older."sINad

Jeffy Keene: Prince of Feebs.Doc Evil

Bil says that we still owe Disney a Pocahontas tie-in from '96. Take these props and pretend that you actually liked that movie.dogboy

You're kidding. And give up the proof that your hickies are self-inflicted?Anastasia

You missed. Now you wear my ortho-shoes.Hives

So let me get this straight, Jeffy. You're now Diana - goddess of the hunt and you want to prance through forest wearing a miniskirt? You've been watching Xena with Uncle Roy again haven't you?Delsyn

Very impressive! But tell me, young man, how do you think you could do against a hard target 2 klicks away in a 20 knot wind?Bill

Listen, you little prick.. you've been watching way too many "Dukes of Hazzard" reruns on TNN.. and if you shoot one more of my dolls with that bow, I'm gonna stuff this arrow so far up your ass that you'll have a built-in toothpick. HypoLuxa

"Oh great! The reality warping powers of Kang the Conqueror have turned us into misproportioned melon heads!" -From the Marvel Comics "Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch" mini-series.nonentity

Now Jeffy, I'm not going to violently murder you for getting sticky arrow marks all over my nude poster of David Duchovny, I'm just saying watch you back.Tony's Dancing clams

You little fuck, you're violating the Keane Armistice of 1994! Sheesh, now mom's gonna levy cookie embargos against us.Skywise

You said you're Little John? Nah, forget it, it's just too easy to say.Tazabby

I love you, kid, and that's why I'm holding on to this until you're sober.Mighty Owl

You'll never know the graceful elegance of a true kill. Real assassins use knives.Mighty Owl

Well, I don't know what Bil was thinking about when sent us over here for target practice. Just look around! There isn't any thing around here that would make a good target and....Why are you looking at me like that?bobo

The Camp Director just announced everyone's parents died last night and dinner is at 6:15 in the old dining hall.tundra

No, no, no, Jeffy! Wlliam Tell used *real* arrows! Now you go get them, and I'll prop the apple back on PJ's head.Smelly Bob

Trust me, once you get the little sucker workin' on your prostate, you *never* go back!Blue Gargantua

Look, Jeffy, I mean it's not like I'm not flattered or anything, and this whole Cupid bit was a cute idea, but you must remember one thing. I am a dyke. I've always been a dyke. I always will be a dyke. So please stop embarassing yourself!Amazing AlKirk

Guess what, Hiawatha? Since you seemed to hear "shoot the apple off my head" as "shoot me in the vulva", I choose to hear your "give me my arrow back" as "shove that arrow up my ass sideways".Schickelgruber

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