DFC #231

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

And with this, Family Circus enters the exploding 80s, as Bil tackes such "bodacious" topics as "breakdancing", "Mr T" and "Manimal".BretttMaverick

Sometimes, just sometimes, Bil would get loaded, rub Jeffy really fast through his hair and use the static electricity to stick him to a wall.juan valdez

After three hours Jeffy began wondering if Bil was serious when he said that the floor needed to be held down.R.J.M.

Jeffy Keane: Bottom FeederShifter

Woo-hoo, nice one Dad! You're gonna win that dwarf-throwing contest on Saturday for sure!alanon

Genetic Disjunction, Plate 62: Dislocation of second nostril to abdominal region within extremely inbred family.Dr. Bloquy

"You know, I'd break my neck doing this, if I had a neck..."Paul T. Riddell

OK, now come over here and unzip my fly. I'll show those bastards how to shoot a Calvin Klein ad!Schickelgruber

I greased my hair with butter and ate a pot of beans. That should propel me straight into the kitchen!Schmuck

"The next time that stupid mouse comes running into his hole, I'll bite the living shit out of him!"Lee Harvey

"'Upside-down you're turnin' me'--God, I love Diana Ross."anon

Actually, since my hands don't reach beyond the top of my head, this technically isn't a handstand, but thanks for trying.alanon

Hey, when I look at my family like this, they're not fucked up, they're fucked DOWN! Get it! Haw haw! Ah shit, next time I'll stick with the damn hair gags.Otis

I figure twenty minutes a day for three weeks and my neck will compact to where I can scratch my scalp!Gen. Sedgwick

Enough empty rooms, I said. Make us furniture, I said. Me and my big mouth!!Gen. Sedgwick

Too distracted by the head rush to see clearly, Jeffy continued to giggle even as the bowling ball rolled inexorably on...Steevie

Jeffy unfortunately met a tragic end in a Tijuana bar when he piqued the curiosity of a very hopped-up William S. Burroughs.tv's Spatch

Hey! From here, it looks like Apple is going to be just fine!!Vice Pope Doug

Following the sack of Rome, Goths and Vandals rounded up the few remaining melon-headed race champions and stood them on their heads for fun. So ended an empire....--From After the Fall of The Roman Empire: Yet Another Book Report by Bil Keane

(Video capture.) Jeffy was almost to the bottom before the awful realization hit him. We'd lied to him again. You couldn't dive into an empty swimming pool. From Smashing Pumpkins; My Life as a Melonhead by Billy "Billy" Keane.Owell

Want to guess whether Uncle Roy had something to do with this?The Lawyer

Infuriated by yet another Jeffy cartoon, the irate siblings glued his damned hypno-hair to the floor.anon

Loss...of...gravity and atmosphere!...must...acclimatize...must...reach...THEL 9000's...memory core before breaches in...suit pressure...kill me!Jeffy C Clarke's 2001 a space oddity

Like a turtle on its back, once a Melon-Headed Child gets stuck on his head, it's virtually impossible for him to right himself.anon

Are you sure this is how William Tell got his start? Hurry the apple is slipping!R.J.M.

Spent and somewhat satisfied from the experiment, Roy sets Jeffy down in the corner of the closet, lights a cigarette and contemplates the first time he, himself, was so petrified with pleasure.Trevita

Actually, this image is upside-down. This was when we nailed Jeffy to the ceiling through the room above.Billy Keane on Larry King Live

This should look familiar to any grocers in the audience. 'Cause it's a melon stand. ThankyewwwI'mhereallweek.Capt. Ion

Yeah, well, I'll be laughing at all of you when breakdancing does make a comeback!Agent Todd

I think I pumped up my Reeboks a little too much...Agent Todd

"Wow. Everything in the Red Asterisk looks funny this way!"phonsux

Desperate to improve his ratings, Bil resorted to various "theme weeks". The trip to DC had proven lackluster, but Bil was certain that "Upside-Down Week" would draw in the vital readership he craved. Sadly, it was not to be. Rise and Fall of the Third RingBlue Gargantua

When cornered, the wily Jeffrey will turn a handstand and shoot caustic acid from his navel. Endangered Cartoon CharactersBlue Gargantua

Dolly! I got it! It says "O.J. IS GUILTY" Who's stupid now?Schmo

Gesundheit!Capt. Ion

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