DFC #232

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Are my arms startin' to look like Tom Servo's?Doc Evil

After having risen from the grave Jeffy makes the mistake of coming to his old house to feed on brainsMr. X

Jeffy was running so fast that when Thel tripped him, he tumbled straight into the previous panelArgyle

Get out of the circle, Mommy! My new contract gives me four more 'exclusives' this month!Jeffy Ovitz

Jesus! Are *we* at a Renfair, too? The neighbor's house has a thatched roof!Squire Jeffy and Maid Thelma

You are Sarah Connor?Jeffinator

As the dead Jeffy reached for his next meal, Thel remembered the words of the macumba priest in Trinidad: "When there's no more room in Hell, the melonheads will walk the Earth."Paul T. Riddell

"I get to come through the front door? You DO love me more than Billy!"Namgubed the Merry Elf

Thel opened the door and in ran Jeffy, with the melon-eating hedge in hot pursuit.anon

"Hair on my palms! You said there'd be no hair!"Tillman

"...Didja ever notice that your hair, when viewed from the side, looks just like a bad silhouette of a short, uncircumsized penis attached to an obviously overstimulated ballsack?" From Really BAD DFC Captions, Volume 13OM

I. Got. Another. A. At. Stepford. Elementary. Mother. I. Will. Clean. My. Room. Now.alanon

In the later years, Not Me took to body-checking Jeffy whenever he entered the house.Daneburger Shostakovich Ehrhardt

* GYMKATA!!! *Doc Evil

Why didn't anyone tell me the guy from Jump Start is a cop?Anastasia

J to the E to the F-F-Y! The Keane rocketship blasts to the sky! I got more moves than Action Jackson! I'm everyone's favorite Anglo-saxon! JEFFY!Mighty Owl

Quick, mommy! Get me a kleenex... I can't reach my nose!Chromepaperclip

Jeffy refuses to accept the fact that his hypno-hair no longer functions.alanon

That Brown kid's dog is flying his house around the neighborhhod strafing enemy targets again! Dolly's down and she need's a medic!I'm with Stoopid

Thel lifted her leg the rest of the way back and punted little Jeffy into the grill a passing car.Schmuck

Jeffy's Oedipal fantasy had come true. Thel greeted him at the door shaven, wearing only a sweater and tennis shoes.Schmo

Congratulate me! I've set the record for most appearances in a one-panel comic!J. Wally Thompson

Thel was pleased; like most Nissan products, the robotic Jeffy was quieter, cheaper and easier to maintain than her old child.phil

Look, Mama! I can Sig Heil with both hands while goose-stepping! The Sudetenland must be returned to the Fatherland! - translated from Das FamilienZirk, 1938Schickelgruber

Sorry I'm late, has today's panel started yet?otis

Whoa! Those hips, those breasts - you ARE a baby machineanon


Thel, brought to the brink of a complete breakdown from the stress of having only one breast in a breast-worshipping society, chose this day once and for all NOT to save Jeffy from the big kids.Vice Pope Doug

Satan really does have work for idle hands!7 years in Babette

Thel held back her sigh.Just like that movie Homeward Bound, Jeffy made it back from the coast. Next time she'll just have to break his scrawny legs. Repeatedly.jedi mind trip

Yesterday's goldschlager colonic took awhile but one hand-stand later I'm ready to shit lightning! Move, WOMAN!Trevita Peron

Mommy, it's not fair! Billy always gets to mutilate the squirrells first, just because he's older!!Tony's Dancing Clams

Now mommy, before I tell you anyhting, I want you to keep in mind that P.J was an unplanned pregnancy, and you're still a young and fertile woman.Tony's Dancing Clams

Th' blood won't wash off, Mommy! Th' blood won't wash off!!!Doc Evil

"I saw it! I saw it all! Real colors and textures! Sweet air and friendly adults!"CAR

Two open hands and NO beers...what's wrong with this picture?R.J.M.

Mommeeeee --- Gramma's scaring me!! She's naked again, an' says she's "conscriptin' me to serve on the Bismarck!"Vice Pope Doug

Mommy! If you distract those Colombian guys in th' BMW 750il racin this way, I promise I will never, ever EVER steal forty kilos of cocaine again!Vice Pope Doug

Thel continues to practise her profession even after being kicked out of her job at Wal-Mart...Norman Swartzkopffarooskyawopbamboom

and throw your hands in the air like you just don't care! The double dutch bus..the double dutch bus. seldom seen still photo from the failed 80's TV pilot, "The Rappin' Family Circus"Radio Show.

He was so cute playing "Invasion of the Jeffysnatchers" that Thel almost felt bad about having to sell him to the white-slavers for rent.Schmo

O! Mama! I have been frightened by a group of teenage ne'er do wells! Please, give them the scolding they deserve! Mighty Owl

Well, today in school, I learned quantum theory, how a singularity, or a 'black hole' is formed, dabbled in "imaginary numbers" and...ahh, fuck it. Pull my finger, dyke.Skywise

"Sleep! Sleep! I command you!....wait. Is the hypno-hair thing overdone? Not yet? Okay. Sleep!!!!!"Medea

<Insert a lame Frankenstein caption here>Kevy

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