DFC #247

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"So, yeah, we high-five each other like this after PJ finishes his solo number, and we break into the Carpenters medley. If this 'Keane Family Special' doesn't get ratings, it's capers and Top Ramen for the next month, so be cute like a fuckin' Chipmunk.pony

They shouldn't have giggled/ they shouldn't have laughed/ Keane kid revenge is badder than Shaft!Mighty Owl

Then you block their arm... like this... and that leaves their gut open for the "Disemboweling Iron Hand"... like this!anon

"Keep watching your hand, and when you start to see trails, that means that the acid has kicked in..."Nicole D.

"EL-BOW-SEX! EL-BOW-SEX! EL-BOW-SEX!" came the derisive cries during each screening of the Family Horror Circus Show...Dan Jones

Relax your eyes, Jeffy. Concentrate your chi. Leave yourself open to the beauty of the universe. Do you see the flow? The lines of the chi flowing between us? Good, Jeffy-san. You are learning well.daniel is my celestine prophet

Dolly, has removed Jeffy's mirror. While she was expecting a comedy bit, it didn't work out that way. Jeffy's apparent wonderment at having become a female is almost disturbing.Marlboro

"Ha! I just poured bleach in the bastard's vodka!"Reed Spacer

Gimme four!OM

Heck, I can't even reach the top of your head!Namgubed the Merry Elf

Yeah, it's pretty soft. I bet we could tear our way through the backdrop and escape!Kevin Wayne Williams

Grandpa's ghost has a big smile now!Luna

During their brief moment in the spotlight, Jeffy and Dolly became intolerable: "You da man!", "No, you da man!", "You da man!", "How can I be da man, when you da man?". I was the first to spit in their snotty little faces when their empire crumbled. -- Themla Keane: It Takes a MelonWestur the Unspeakable

Ah, Headhopper! You must be able to catch the finger before you can pull the finger! Soon, you shall be ready!Vice Pope Doug, Raising Caine Dept.

That's not a karate chop, but THIS is a roundhouse punch!lysdexic

"...two seconds later they accidently banged their funny bones together - HARD - and fell to the ground in writhing agony. It was, without exception, the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life." -- Thelma Keane: Guilty Pleasureswestur the Unspeakable

Wonder twin power! Shape of... a decent, sober father!nonentity

Sick! Check out the negative space between the two happy children. That's a penis if ever I saw one.Marlboro

NOT this year's "Tickle-Me Elmo": The Keane Hand Puppet SetYakk

The latest release of Mortal Kombat features new charactures, Dollina and Sgt. J. Keane, who are both adept at hand-to-hand combat and throwing short, but deadly, curvy lines at their opponents..agm

Good, Jeffy-san. Now show me "wax the vibrator."alanon

Wee made it through every Geena Davis movie alive, brother! Mighty Owl

Yeah! Our new wardrobe is old Star Trek Uniforms!Skywise

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