DFC #251

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

A melon head meets a melanin head..

Nice to see you again, Saidy; shame you only get one panel a year. Payroll's over there, you can pick up your check on the way out.Joe Z

This is a game called "The Obvious Caption". Hey, Not Me! Pull my finger, willya? Now you try one...Mr. Ben

Well, if you're going to spend any real time here, over there is where you dump your hopes and dreams.Anastasia

Good! Don't say anything, don't do anything. Just smile and watch as I point at something cute out of the frame and screw up its name. You've picked up how we use minority extras incredibly quickly!Coalcracker

At last -- Bil drew a cartoon where the term "melon" is Impossible Zone!Gen. Sedgwick

Daaang, G! 'Fro's ain't been hip for ten years! Now go an' get yo'self a weave!Namgubed the Merry Elf

Young Christine Chapel & Uhura star in this month's " Star Trek Babies "!Doc Evil

We'll get Lucy Van Pelt, Paige Fox, and Luann and make our own spice girls! I get to be Sausage Legs Spice!Mighty Owl

"We tried to ignore it for the longest time, but one day Dolly's dyslexia ruined a perfectly good "Pull my finger" gag. She was fired the next morning." William Keane Junior, Circus Freaks: The Untold Story of the Family Circus-Jester

Another meeting of the Child Actors in Terrible Drag club, including lifetime members Macauly Culkin and Gary Coleman.Jizmo the Wonder Horse

Of course we're Christians! Why, we burn a cross right over there every Saturday night!Kevin

"Ha! See how she jumped that time? Get me another pin."Sgt. Spam

"It was beautiful! The moving van pulled up, your folks got out of the car, Bil grabbed his heart and fell into the compost heap!"Randall

I am pleased with your gift, but now I demand ANOTHER SHRUBBERY! Then you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with ... A DOLL!!!Riff

Don't worry Lucy. Twice a year, like clockwork, Bil draws one of my friends black. You'll be back to yourself tomorrow.Schmo

"Joey?! You're kiddin'! Six inches? Mitchel's little tag along? Wow, no wonder Margaret always passes whenever Dennis invites her to go bar hopping with Calvin."phonsux

That's amazing. I have an Uncle Roy and a daddy named Bil, and you're just the opposite. I wonder what the odds of that happening are?The Lawyer

All right, you got Susie Derkins' doll and Charlie Brown's sweater. Now see if you can get Jason Fox's iguana.anon

...an over there is where they wanted to put Ernie Pook's Comeek, but Lynda Barry got soured on this whole website when the Mystic 9-Ball told her Marlys had genital warts.anon

After the doll named "Nice Thel", and the shrubs named "Friendly Billy", "Happy PJ" and "Jeffy Never-Cries", the new neighbor had a pretty good idea of what a sad life this poor girl led.E

See Jeffy, I told you the ink would work! Now go find out what makes "Curtis" so damn funny.Tyrone DeLa Beckwith

Cartoon #251 of the DFC sees Bil Keane finally sell out to Affirmative Action! Here, Dolly gives bit player LaToya an opportunity to steal Bil's wallet away from him while he lay passed out drunk on the lawn!Mr. Ben

"Lucy and the gang are right over there. They'll shit when they see you!"--from the blockbuster movie Soul Man II: Charlie Brown Goes Brown Dave Matthews

Thanks for the voodoo doll, Tekiyah! Let's see what we can make Arbuckle do now!Jenn Dolari

SpinnWebe's newest toy: The 6-Year-Old-Lesbian Cam!Magus

"OK, first one to the tree and back represents the superior race!Laura Goodwin

Nope, the cartoons where racial harmony exists are over there. This is the Family Circus, home of the Keane Klux Klan!Riff

... and a left onto Shultz Street, last house on the left. So tell me, does Mr. Brown even know about you, or are you a complete surprise to everyone but your mother?The Rogue

Look, if you can survive Giulani's NYPD, you can survive the DFC.anon

Horizontal lines on your head indicate ethnicity, whereas horizontal lines on my head indicate hair. That's the only difference I see, girl, and Daddy's militia buddies can go to hell.anon

...and behind those bushes is where Bil keeps his stash of various front doors.Kevin

An' over there's the white bread and mayo place, and over there's the Lawrence Welk museum....DrBear

Look! Two U-hauls and a Ryder Truck all on the same day. Daddy calls this White Flight.Iberdot

Some people might say that blackface and Afro wig are tasteless, but I say go for it, Jeffy!Coalcrackerr

Let's go to my house and play "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"! That should shake up their conservative right wing world!Hikerguy

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