DFC #267

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Too overly-zealous while dancing to Michael Jackson's "They Don't Really Care About Us," Jeffy smashes a Hebrew vase with his crotch while Billy merely emulates the Michael Mouthwipe.Trevita

Come, Jeffy, use the force to reconstruct the shattered vase! Use the force! Use th--goddammit, just go get some superglue before dad gets home.toade

"I didn't think Grandma's hip was THIS delicate, did you?!"anon

Psst - Hey Jeffy, when we broke the mirror it was "Just wait till your father gets home," and I'm still not walkin' straight. I say we make a break for it.Schmo

"See what I mean? Barfy's skull will be the same way..."Mycroft

Don't sweat it. Ming's overrated anyway. Now if we had anything from the Chou dynasty...Gen. Sedgwick

Ida Know has been on a destructive binge ever since they canned Scott Baio's new sit-com.And so have I

psst! If you're looking for your stash, I'd look for a dog who's especially jumpy today, if you know what I mean.Tangent

"Well then," Barfy thought, "if the dog can break a vase, then I suppose Not Me gets to take in dump in someone's shoes tonight."Agent Todd

Don't worry bout it, kid. It's not our fault Dumpty was a pussy. 'Sides...we can pin it on that egg-suckin' dog o' yours..get me?--from Death of an Eggman, 1966Paul "Hoodlum" Reed

Oh Shit, here comes Mom, quick help me hide this broken vase in Barfy's ass!Mattness

The Family Circus : Humor only dogs can hear.Jizmo the Wonder Horse

Driven nearly mad by loneliness, Barfy was ever alert for any sound, smell or other small sign that Jeffy was about to bend over.Jizmo the Wonder Horse

"It's obvious someone has broken in, so anything that happens to the pets can't be pinned on us. Get the Junior Vetenary Forensics Kit."Adam, madam

As Billy explains to Jeffy that alcohol does indeed impair motor coordination, Barfy learns to the dismay of his gastrointestinal system that he never should have turn his back on P.J. and the turkey baster.Vice Pope Doug

Tragically, when Barfy was at guard dog school, they trained him to attack viciously whenever he heard the sound of breaking glass. The surgeons were able to reconstruct 75% of Jeffy's face, but his remaining nostril was lost.-Jester

The dog has ordered us to kill again. I'll pull the car around front, you get some more ammunition.Radio show

Dude, next time someone answers a question with 'beats the shit out of me', they are using what we call a figure of speech. Nice shot, though.Radio Show

If you get the dog to pee on it, you're guaranteed a NEA grant!Riff

Psst - the vase broke because Jesus hates you!Riff

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