DFC #269

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Mares eat oats, and does eat oats...and coiling snakes eat P.J.R.J.M.

"Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson," exclaimed P.J. "No," replied Dolly, "the chameleon's on the next page."Namgubed the Merry Elf

... tastes like chicken! Next, we see the Spotted Owl. Tastes like chicken! ...Namgubed the Merry Elf

Dolly and li'l PJ go through the great new picture book "Things That Drive Better Than Grandma".Mighty Owl

...And when it sheds its skin, it becomes a "Full Monty Python"! Get it? Aw, P.J., you wouldn't know funny if it bit you in the ass.Mr. Ben

"Hmmmm...says here they live under your bed and they eat little boys alive. Isn't that interesting?"anondog

So now you know what happened to Kittycat.Anastasia

Yeah, yeah. The serpent signifies all that's evil. That was made up by a bunch of men suffering from feelings of inadaquecy, if you catch my drift.Anastasia

"No, Dad's is made of feathers. This is just where they got the name."Randall

You know, ever since Bil's been hanging out in alt.sex.beastiality, his playboy drawer just hasn't been the same.The Unmasked Revenger

"Thats why I have to drill the hole in your head. To let the boa constrictor out. Stay here while I get the rum."jedi mind trip

And here's something else I'd rather fuck than you...have you gotten the point yet, or do we have to go through the insects?Das Fed

"Ya know, strangulation isn't as easy as it looks."Big ol' Bob

"Whoa there, P.J., even Richard Gere started out with just hamsters!"Haysoose

Don't worry. Although it could swallow your average toddler whole, it would probably gag on your melon head.Namgubed the Merry Elf

That's funny... I can't find a listing for the " One-eyed Trouser Snake " anywhere...Doc Evil

"...and the snake said, 'Pooh, you've tasted your last honeycomb!', and all Pooh could say was '..mmmrrffffppphhhh..'Willie won't go home

Nah, I've got the "Boa Constrictor", I was thinking of getting the "Double Tormentor". It's $75, but it has both vaginal and anal stimulation.phil

Pup-py, PJ, Pup-py. Now go to the pet store and give the puppy a hug.marty gray

Okay it's setteled...it's definitely a boa constrictor that has Billy. Let's look up strangulation now.R.J.M.

"An' they come in the middle of the night an' they rip out your hairs one by one and bite off your hands and rip your stomach out and shove it up your ass sideways just'a watch you die a bloody suffering miserable death, all just for taking your sister's booze without permission like you did. Isn't that neat? Well, g'night, PJ."Jamey "Quacky" Powell

See Satan. See Satan tempt. Tempt, Satan, tempt...ewhac

"Yeah, I guess it's pretty bad. For a snake. Once you've been in Uncle Roy's clutches, this seems like a fucking walk in the park..."Tillman

Ball python..ball python.. Shit.. this better not be a gyp like the sperm whale.eivved

"A whole animal made of neck...kinda reminds you what a grim prankster God can be..."The Fat Man

"Naw, your brother, Thel and I tried one on Bil about two months ago and the two of them ended up going out for drinks together."helen keller, protector of animal rights

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