DFC #28

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Well, this is quite a change from that white frock with the long sleeves that twist around!Tom Jenkins

Granma, when you said you wanted to 'get in my pants' I didn't know you wanted to WEAR them.Roy Olsen

That "Ex-Lax in the pudding" joke never gets old for Dad, huh?Dave Hollingsworth

Aw, Grandma, why do I have to stop playing "Showgirls" just because your bridge club is coming over?Greg J

OK, Gramma, I get the idea. You can stop "accidentally" brushing your breasts against my head now, OK?Kurt L.

You know, Dad, this is kinky enough *without* the Gramma wig.Kurt L.

It's called a "bra," Gramma. Look into it.Kurt L.

No, no, no! I said I need a NOSE job!J-rad

OK, so they don't put cameras in the changing rooms ... but won't the guard notice something funny about a 5-year-old kid waddling around with nine Hermes scarfs in his pants?Trism

Ya know, Gramma, I thought old people were supposed to shrink, but you've suddenly become wicked huge.Dark Roger

Always in a hurry, you NEVER want to cuddle!!anon

Are you sure we're supposed to be taking stuff out of the Goodwill drop-off box?Greg J

So, today's life-lesson is "pulling the goalie"?Bill Hunter

I dunno, Gramma. Your underwear is kinda scratchy.Bill Hunter

Whuzza mean I've had enuff?! I'm the life offa party! Come on, jus one more! OK, OK, I'll put 'em on, but then I want another martooni!Theo Van Gogh-Gogh

Gramma, I don't think these little pants are big enough for my giant package!anon

OK, I guess you're right. They sure do look like fire ants, though...~Ray Gaskill

Yep, those are them alright. How the hell did your dentures get down there anyways?Gundy

Wow. It sure is lucky that your newspaper delivery boy wears the same size pants as I do, Granny.RBByrnes

But these limit my freedom of expression!RBByrnes

I don't care if you did cut my hair and are making me wear Jeffy's clothes. My name is STILL Dolly!RBByrnes

Well, Gram, you should have thought of that before you yelled "Surprise!" shouldn't you?!Andy Ihnatko

Geez, Gran'ma...these captions get twisted enough. You gotta make it easy for them?SpinnWebe

"Careful, honey! That's my war wound!"Stephen Lee

Mommy was right. You CAN get a guy out of his pants in no time at all.Kyosuke

"Wait. These aren't Jordache."Jeffy

WHOA! Granny ! Stop hitting me in the back of my head !Scully

I think Daddy might want a couple wallet size and at least one 5 x 7.Rishmawy

"That's not a barf bag, you blind old goat."Tim Harrod

Jeezus...these leather pants are a pain in the ass! Next time, get Dolly, Dad!pavel

Okay...slooooowwwwwly...steeeadyyy...OK! I'm out! Kill it!!! Kill it!!!Damn! Where do you think Dolly managed to find a Black Widow spider, anyway?!?Andy Ihnatko

Sheees, you're right granny! That creamed corn sure does make an awful mess.kafka

Don't worry about me. It's gonna look a lot more suspicious if Mom notices that you aren't wearing any pants.anon

Well, the guys just keep buying beers and the next thing I know I'm FACED!Lack of Focus

I still don't understand why you have to check me for a hernia four times a day, grandma.zazu

Well, it felt like it was just gonna be a fart.Blake

Yeah, *I* know you're only helping a 6 year old boy put his pants on. Tell those perverted assholes out there!zazu

So I guess I've inherited both your Jiffy-Pop hair *and* your bladder-control problem.Paul Roub

Thanks, Grandma. Mom hits the sauce in the morning and starts doing laundry. Next thing you know, my jeans have so much starch in them I'm walking like Frankenstein's monster.Nethicus

. . . and the really scary part is, I honestly don't know who made this mess in my pants.Pete B.

I thought it would just go away - then the infection spread and today it started bleeding.Matthew Davidson

Pardon me, but are those Bugle Boy Jeans you're putting on me?Incoherency

Your "little man," huh? I'll show you a "little man" in a minute, here.anon

Just think Grandma, Mommy and Daddy will have to do this for you soon...Jackson

Good job on getting the urine smell and poop stains out, but the blood on the crotch is still CLEARLY visible.King Tony the Magnificent

Whoa! I don't remember eating that!J-rad

Whoa! That was some sneeze, huh?J-rad

Jesus H. Christ, Bil, you put this frame in the paper and the whole world is gonna know I wear boxers instead of briefs.JAS

Ya know, it'd be funny if someone got a picture of this and spread it across the internet. Won't that be a dandy to explain!the brian

Sheez, ya wear a tutu to school just one day and suddenly you're not fit to dress yourself anymoreMechaGumby

Jeez, when Daddy said he was gonna smack me right outta my pants, I thought it was just a figure of speech!anon

Damnit! I'm thirty two! I can do my own pants! Where's my cigar?anon

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