DFC #280

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Biggest line of coke I ever saw -- and I was on the road with Aerosmith, bro!"Randall

"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth / And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings... Well, they won't be doing much dancing once the altimeter reaches 15,000 feet, that's for sure."tv's Spatch

"Hey, that's pretty fucking cool. Now imagine some bare-ass paratroopers with bulging hard-ons jumping out of it."tv's Spatch

I wonder if they left us anything to eat.Anastasia

"Yep, clip art."Big ol' Bob

Bil-El assured them that there was room for all his kids in the escape rocket, then sent Billy-El and Dol-El out to get snacks for the long trip Earthward. They didn't suspect a thing until Peej-El's cry of "Suckers!" filled the Kryptonian sky.Rotter

There goes that bastard Calvin in his "Spaceman Spiff" ship again. How come we can't have elegantly illustrated imaginations? I mean, all we've got is "Not Me," "Ida Know" and so on, and they all look like friggin' Schmoo from L'il Abner."Mycroft

Yes Billy, everything is going precisely according to plan. Soon the 12 Monkeys virus will spread all over the world!anon

Oh, and if you're wondering what to get me for my birthday, a couple of Surface to Air Missiles would be real nice.anon

Sadly, when they set the coconut and bamboo sign on fire, it spelled out HEI F, so the plane left them there--stuck on Billy-Keane's Island.Larry Hastings

Look! there's a rip in the background! We can see the next page! This may be our only chance to excape - Jump for it!Terminus

"Well, at least from down here we won't have to put up with Bil snickering when the stewardess says "Upright position""Scraps is a boy dog, isn't he?

"Man, I'm on a major bad trip: when did the sky turn burlap?"Stealth

It's a mail plane ... can't you see its testicles?Riff

"It's called 'gray.' I read about it once in school."Dave Matthews

Huh. It looks like they caught Dad at the security checkpoint after all.Westur the Unspeakable

It's Wendesday, so this is just a reconnaisance flight. They usually strafe the neighborhood on Tuesday's and Thursday's.Dr. B.

"Oh no! That airplane just hit Grampa!"nice personality

Somebody musta pulled that jet's finger.I ain't taking credit for this one

Okay, I humbly admit my error. I should have let YOU write S.O.S. in the snow...Trevita

The first attempt to break the sound barrier in a comic strip was a disaster. The plane was passing through Family Circus when it made the speed of sound, tearing through the paper and drowning the entire strip in a TV listing.Thany

"I never really cared for the musical stylings of John Denver anyway."Frod

As the fabric of the space/time continuum ripped open, the kids realized that Jeffy had not listened to their warning about engaging the warp engines while still in a planet's atmosphere.-Jester

The more they squinted, the more apparent it became that Wonder Woman was indeed taking a shit.Andrella

Well, there goes Jeffy...lets hope he can kick Saddam's butt, bring back the Crown Jewels and kill Goldfinger before dinner. I'd hate to see him raped by Bil again....Jenn Dolari

Why do I always have to say "De plaane! De plaaane!", dammit? You're almost as short as I am.Gen. Sedgwick (insert "rich Corinthian leather" joke here)

"Jesus, Billy! Somehow we've collided with a Steve Canyon panel! Maybe we can escape!"Generik

"Ten bucks says Dad's already had three Wild Turkeys and his hand on the flight attendant's ass."Generik

But the worst thing of all was seeing the planes overhead, flying to the Colored Lands, so tantalizingly close, yet so unreachable. --Jeffrey C. Keane, Syndicates and Superglue: The Life of a Cartoon BabyMarnen Laibow-Koser

"So then Dad says to the Human Services guy, 'Listen, my kids get just as good an education from me as they would in any public--' YEEEEAAAAGH! Iron bird!"Jizmo the Wonder Horse

"That? That's the modern world, Billy. Just do what Dad does -- close your eyes and think about Jesus."Jizmo the Wonder Horse

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