DFC #286

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Jeffy frowned. Yes, the "Jim Carrey's Talking Butt" joke was always funny, but part of him longed for...something more.L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg

While Dolly performed her piece, Jeffy took the pause to think: Good on who, exactly?Thany

'Tastes like chicken.' ? You can do better than that Jeffy!Operative Slug

Mo-o-o-o-om! Tell Jeffy not to eat his ear wax unless he's got enough for everyone!The Outsider

As Dolly angrily called for her mom, Jeffy was puzzled. In the storybook the boy who stuck his finger in the dike was a hero.Gen. Sedgwick

Jeffy had always secretly admired his sister's workstrong arms and broad shoulders, but couldn't stop wondering why he'd gotten the childbearing hips. Somehow, pictures of Bil and Thel at Woodstock and chromosomal aberrations came to mind.p!

Actually, the Richard Gere/Gerbil urban legend began its life from a very real incident that took place in the Keane household in the Spring of '85.Eat Yerself Fitter

Though Dolly stared in shock, Jeffy appreciated the artistry involved in PJ's self immolation.jedi mind trip

That's all the evidence I need, thought Jeffy to himself. I'll never eat Olestra again.Larry Hastings

As Dolly's impossibly full and resonant belch went on and on, Jeffy tried desperately to hold down enough beer foam for a shot at the title.Norm DePlume

And now Number One on the Top Ten List of reasons not to swallow a Brillo pad: 'Roid Rage.anon

Oh bugger Sir Geoffy, I've got me finger stuck in me bum! From the British mirror site of Spinnwebe.Doc Evil

"It's true", thought Jeffy, "The diuretic properties of coffee are indeed disturbing. I'm sticking to crystal meth".Vice Pope Doug

"Mom. Tell Jeffy, today I get to be LORD OF THE DANCE!"Flatly on you Mate

Jeffy stopped and bit his finger in envy. Dolly was winning the head-inflation contest, for once.Dan Jones

"Mommy! If I tug hard enough, you can see my spleen!"Frod

No, dumbass, boys can't be figureheads. When a whaler's been at sea for months, he wants something with tits to stare at! Now go away, I'm practicing.NaToth

"Cut!! Dammit, I don't care what his contract says. If he's gonna keep forgetting his lines, I'm outta here. How much brainpower does it take to remember the word "p'sghetti" anyway?"Podbeing

Jeffy was silently proud of Dolly's accomplishment: normally, she needed both hands and a flashlight.Rotter

Mom? Jeffy's gone back into that catatonic escape from reality thing again. Can I be the one to hook him up to ol' Mr. Sparky this time?Hideo Spanner

Bil's was one of the many rejected contributions to what later became the famous 'diarrhea rabbit/constipation turtle' advertising campaign.Opti

C'mon Jeffy! Aerobisize!Anastasia

If you dare do to me what you're thinking, the next thing that will be good on you will be my fist.Anastasia

Following his ill-timed goose of his sister, the patient pondered the word she had spoken... "Orchidectomy," he thought. What did flowers have to do with a childish prank? -- Interesting ER Traumas, 3rd Editionzen

QUESTION 3: Kinematics, Vectors and Momentum. Dolly is sliding on an infinite, frictionless plane at 3 m/s at an angle of 30 degrees. How hard will she strike Jeffy, and what will his resulting speed and direction be (assuming a mass of 30kg)? Joe

As Dolly continues to cluck like a chicken, Jeffy begins pondering more sinister uses for the Hypno-Bacon. (I know this is impossible zone, but it's so perfect!)Vitamin Tom

"Thel! Would you please remind Jeffy that tapeworms are NOT edible?"ThinkAndDo

Damn! That's the last time I play "pull my finger" after a Mexican dinner!anon

Jeffy was puzzled by the anatomical miracle which allowed Dolly to touch her butt. He couldn't even reach his pockets.Peon

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