DFC #292

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

You know, my mother always told me: "Never run out into an infinite white void while holding a boat with your left leg sprouting out of your right one and your head on backwards." Of course, she was tripping on acid most of the time when she said that.Magus

C'mon Jeffy! The sewer's backed up!Rabbi Baby Buggy Bumpers

Laugh if you must Dolly, but I still think this is my best watermellon carving yet...keep it up and I'll turn your head into the friggin' Titanic! R.J.M.

Oh yeah? I bet I can get fifty Haitian refugees to fit on this one!Mr. Ben McClellan

Oh yeah? Well I say it CAN fit up P.J.'s ass.anon

Sorry, Ken, but you shoulda made Barbie sign a pre-nup.Billy the Repo Man

I'm going down the street to show it to the old fat lady. I hear she had a bad experience on a boat once.Anastasia

I'm going to shove this dinghy into some young buoy and then swab his poop deck with my mast...I guess you could say I'm a rear admiral...get it...rear...oh suck my DOCK!R.J.M.

Oh, thank you ever so much Pater. The other lads at the yauht club will be ever so envious of mebobo

Speed 3: Boys running for busses while carrying boats. The action never slows down!Microman

Billy is determined to grant the Tidy Bowl man his freedomDain Bread

Thel always used to admonish Billy, "Don't run with boats when your head's on backwards," but he never paid attention. It was only a matter of time before the "incident."Mycroft

The good news is this boat can go over 60 MPH - the bad news is PJ can't waterski for shit!Riff

I don't know which intrigues me the most -- Billy's amazing hovering ability, the scale model of the S.S. Minnow, or the weird slatted sidewalk thing outside the door.Sir Chuck

Hey Jeffy, we're playin' C'lombian Cartel meets the Coast Guard! Grab a can of Mommy's hair spray an' some matches!Vice Pope Doug

Piece of advice, Mrs. Van Pelt: either teach your son how a "point spread" works or just give all of his presents straight to me from now on.Rotter

Reason 27 why Bil Keane has a cooler job than yours: an absent-minded doodle drawn while talking to his broker becomes a full-day's output with the addition of just twelve lines.Rotter

Billy thanked Bil once again for the prize inside the Jeroboam'O'Jack Daniels. "Two more," he thought, "and I'll have a fleet!"Stealth

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