DFC #293

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Well, she may have been strict, but that thing she did with Jeffy and the lamb's blood was pretty funny. Hope Thel gets her to babysit NEXT Saturday.anon

I tried that once, but I only wound up with a splinter in my rectum th' size of a smeggin' pencil!Doc Evil

Say what you will about Martha Stewart, the woman sure goes all out for the holidays.bobo

Look PJ-[insert your choice of the following:Mom's; Gramma's;Daddy's;Roy's;Billy's;Jeffy's;Princess Di's; Vice Pope Doug's; Grampa's;Claude Lemeiux's] on TV! How cool is that?xian, the boy with the monkey heart(just kidding, love ya, pope!)

"The circle is impenetrable. We must escape through the TV."anon

"White heels after Labor Day. She really is a whore of Satan."anon

"I'm sure if you asked real nice they'd get you a scarf like that, but how are you planning on wearing it, frog-boy?"anon

I think we really pissed off Mary Poppins this time, PJ.M

"You're right. Playing Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz at the same time makes a bitching soundtrack!"Evil Damo Suzuki

It's colder than a witches' tit in here! Oh, sorry, Mommy. I mean a spell-craftswoman's mastectom-mono-breasto.7 Years in the Talamasca chapters

Of course that's Jay Leno's mom! Where else could he have gotten a chin like that?!Supergirl

Cool a product placement for Satanism! Now we'll be rolling in doughyakko

Damn! I can't ever get it to go in one and out the other!SuperGirl

"This is the unidentified flyer over the compound's airspace? You were right to alert me, Commander PJ, and you have permission to fire at will."Thany

Dammit, I'm tired of seeing Spice Girls on every channel.anon

"Uh, how 'bout "When I get home I'll stik this up my but!" Geez, we never get anything 'cepted to the Dysfunctional Broom Hilda."Larry Hastings

"Been there, done that."anon

Before modern medicine, men trapped in ladies' bodies had to make do the best they could.M

*SIGH*...There goes our only chance of escaping this crazy island.toade

"So why doesn't she just have those winged monkeys drop grenades on them and pick the shoes out of the wreckage?"Shem

As PJ quietly contemplated the great intricacies of the universe, and strove to find peace within his own mind, his reverie was momentarily broken when Dolly exclaimed, "Lookit the sagging pair o' tits on that!"devvie

"Wave bye-bye to Grandma, P.J."Shifter

Since when does a witch wear a polka-dotted scarf! Bil, you've been hitting the bourbon again!Ratman

Thel before her morning cup o' joe.Thomas Wilde

Wow. The backgrounds in Oz are as boring and plain as the backgrounds here.agm

"We HAVE to watch it. There's no controls on this TV. Thats what happens when Bil goes to the 'discount electronic's store"anon

"I wish I could fly, I wish I had a cool hat, but mostly I wish I had a chin."Ralph Emetic

"She rides that broom like Mom rides a man: rigid, frigid and with her nose turned up."Ralph Emetic

What I love is the way she scares the hell out of the other fish.Slaanesh

"I'll get you my pretty!!! You and your little crewcut, melonheaded, jellybean-eared brother too!"Me

And this, PJ, is another example of the way horror, eros, and humor will come together to create disturbing, yet familiar traditions--kind of like family bath night.S. Gubar

While Dolly babbled on about witches, PJ couldn't help but wonder, "What the fuck is that wide, rectangular hole under the TV supposed to be for anyway?"Riff

See P.J., that's your real mommy. Anf the flying monkeys are your real brothers and sisters. You should sprout your own wings any day now.Boston

Goddammit! You know I can't watch HR Pufnstuf w/o being lit!!!Rocinante

Daaad! I'm tired of describing this shit to PJ -- come draw him some eyes!Gen. Sedgwick

"Once you get one inside the microwave, most of your work's already done. Set full power for five minutes, then just sit back and watch her scream."Randall

"I think Fox is going a bit far with 'The World's Scariest Broomstick Chases'"Vincent Van Gopher

Mom's right, that dress does make her look hips look big.Rainman

She may do it for you, but my thighs start to quiver when Dorothy starts spinning and you can see her panties..Rainman

If you give your body and soul over to the Prince of Darkness, sacrifice small children and cats at midnight, and cast evil spells doing the bidding of the Evil One, you get an Hermes scarf.Tracy

"This one doesn't have as much lesbo action as The Witches of Beastprick, but for $6.95, Hocus Poke-Us is pretty fucking good." Vincent Van Gopher

Notice how Tim Burton dotes on misshapen deviants? Y'know, I think I'll drop him a proposal...Gen. Sedgwick

"Whoa, did you see her just heave Toto off that cliff? This director's cut fuckin' rules!!!Vincent van Gopher

"Enjoy the unstreaked screen while you can, PJ, 'cause Dad and 'Bewitched' are a volatile combination."Jizmo the Wonder Horse

Alright, what are we to make of all the white come-fuck-me pump sightings this month?Trevita

My Oh My! Life sure is easier since I got my Inflatable Pagan Shrine!Bionic Duck

Prophecy # 6: Michael Jackson's transformation is complete. I guess the sun will probably explode any day now.Trevita

I'm not big on the dress, but man, can she accessorize!Namgubed the Merry Elf

She'd ride side-saddle if she was a lady of quality. Ain't that right, Petunia Jean?Trevita (rule out nothing) Peron

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