DFC #3

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

You'll enjoy it more if you don't ride sidesaddle, dear.anon

"No, I really don't want to see what body part you got pierced this week, dear. "Paul T. Riddell

Yes, tell me all about your new job, honey.Oliver Klosoff

You have to bathe in the sink until we clean the blood out of the bathtub.anon

Billy, you can look like Dolly *until* you take off your clothes.anon

Did you enjoy the Fellini festival, Dear?anon

Okay, I'll turn around, but if you're naked and sitting on a hobby horse, so help me god, there's gonna be one helluva beat down!anon

Yes..I think the saddle horn got its name just like you discovered, honey..Virtual Bob

No, I don't think any nightclub would hire you with an oval skull like that.Action Weaselfeet Jackson

Red, swollen, small blisters? Yes dear, it could be herpes.Roxanne LeReaux

Yes dear, but Lady Godiva had a reason.Roxanne LeReaux

"Well, in all of the strip poker games I've been in, a ponytail holder doesn't count as clothing, so yeah, if that's all you had left then you'd have to pay the penalty. Why do you ask?"Andy Ihnatko

"Well, I think that's what Freud would say. Of course, no one would be dumb enonugh try it in the first place."DrBill

"I think the NC-17 rating system went out with 'Showgirls', dear. You're better off trying for a Disney film."Paul T. Riddell

Not now, honey, mommy's busy washing her shattered dreams... I mean, the *dishes*.Gabriel Meister

That's right honey, keep touching yourself there and you'll go blind. Why do you think Daddy needs such thick glasses?matt

Sorry, Mommy's busy right now, but maybe Daddy can show you how to put on the lubricant.matt

"Now Dolly, maybe your throat is, but I'm sure your cheeks aren't feeling a little hoarse."anon

The human body is a beautiful thing, dear! Not to be joked about! Except yours.Toby Wong

hey! you're naked on a horse!anon

"OK, now Simon Sez: run to the neighbors yelling 'No, daddy, no!'"Jeffy

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