DFC #304

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Sorry, black kids aren't allowed to have white pets in this neighboorhood. I'll be taking that to a proper family.Yakko

If the guy in the Temple of Doom could reach in and pull out a heart,so can IMr. ?

Sorta gives new meaning to the phrase, Puppy Love, don't it?NME--

"Man, when you said your mom'd have puppies, you weren't shitting me!"mistatom

"Thank God! The organ donor is here! Barfy, boy, didja hear? It's gonna be OK! Now where's my penknife?"Who me?

In this scene, a young OJ denies that his dog had anything to do with the piles of shit left on the Keane's lawn and pledges to spend all his time trying to find "the real pooper".hangtownman

Great, you brought him! I've got an M-80 with his name written all over it.Shoo

- a hundred an' one. THAT should be enough to make Ms. DeVil's coat!Namgubed the Merry Elf

Catching him on the fly is getting too easy. Let's try a few bounce passes.Gen. Sedgwick

After the sudden demise of "Bloom County", Oliver Wendell Jones (now cast as "Shakeem") makes a living peddling Beanie Babies to the locals.Dan Jones

Ah, Hodgepodge, we have you at last. Soon, the rest of the little Bloom County bastards will come looking for you, and when they do...hehehe, let's just say Cutter John will be the healthy one.phil

Unfamiliar with racial epithets, Barfy and Sam feared that Billy had said "spayed."Gen. Sedgwick

And I got me a fresh roll of duct tape ready to go!!Dain Bread

Thanks! I'm naming him Old Yeller, after Mom.Gen. Sedgwick

The dogs watched Billy in pity, knowing that after his daily case of Schlitz, anything that was small & furry looked mighty good.Nethicus

Quiz time people! How many sons-of-bitches are there in this drawing?Doc Evil

With this single panel, Bil had struck a blow for racial equality by creating Pat, a new breed of a child who combines all of the world's great races.Livin' In Deep 13

Don't worry, Jerome! He'll be in good hands here. You know, we're not allowed to eat him, DFC orders!Mighty Owl

A picture from alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.melonhead.beastiality.puppies.biracialCoalcracker

Bil Keane scores one for racial equality by including an African-American in today's strip, and proving that when it come to religions, nations, creeds, and ethnic groups, he draws them all equally for shit.-Jester

"No, no, NO! You're doing it all wrong! Squeeze the throat from the FRONT, not the sides! Jesus, you're never going to make a good assassin."Magus

Okay, I'll replace him in Dolly's Beanie Baby collection. She'll freak when he shits all over her Princess Bear!!Walrus

Okay, that's three. Our Social Studies project on Korea will be the best!! Real Korean Food!!Walrus

The hostage swap was proceeding according to plan... until Barfy and Sam realized that PJ was nowhere to be seen, and the black kid was packing heat.Who me?

"Go out for a long one!"Who me?

"Gerbils, schmerbils! You gotta get one of these in when it's young and just let it grow in there!"M

On the Internet, they may not know you're a dog, but those DFC pervos _will_ assume that, if you are, the little black kid is boning you.anon

No No! That's not how you do it! More wrist, less arms.. It's just like masturbation.. except what's in your hands is fighting back.Rick Landis

An aging Emmanuel Lewis set neighborhood race relations back several decades by bequeathing "Squirty, The Amazingly Incontinent Chihuahua" to the Keane household.Vice pope Doug

"My shit is itchin' / I need a bitch / even this species / will prob'ly fit" -- from the critically maligned album "Whiter Shade of Trash" by Notorious B.I.L.L.Y.-- as reported in Worst of the Worst: An anthology of Children's Gangsta Rap", Harlequin Press, 1998Vice Pope Doug

"Ok..now watch their 'spressions as you begin to squeeze tighter an' tighter..."Cloned Goatman

"Yo Yo, little homey! What is up? Let me hold your little biatch!" "Aww, Jesus, Sam, " Barfy said. "That little moron Billy thinks he's street. He's street, alright-Sesame Street."xian, the boy with the monkey heart

It's true what they say! Black People's dogs do have bigger winkies!xian, the boy with the monkey heart

Two boys, three dogs, four legs... I smell ORGY!Chris

"Oh, cool, the legs are twitching! Let me give its head another twist!"Who me?

No, it's true, puppies do bounce if you spike them hard enough. Here, lemme show you.anon

9:00 FOX The Dog Files In the premiere, Mulder and Scully's faithful hounds stop a Child Voodoo ring in the DC suburbs. Marion Berry guest-stars as "Papa Shango""Smoking" Paul Reed

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