DFC #323

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Dolly's eyes widened. "My GOD!" she thought frantically. "It's all just like I remember it.. the endless hill in the middle of nowhere, the stunted, misshapen tree, the crows flying overhead.. even the annoying little kid..." Suddenly, it hit her.. she was trapped in "James and the Giant Peach" again!Auriam

"An' that's where Dad ate the dirt clod an' said, 'By God, as sure as my name is Bil Kean, I'll never draw poorly again!' 'Course, he quickly forgot."Dr. KNob

"If you go up to the top of the hill, and look far off in the distance, you can see the clouds that other cartoonists draw."not for the faint of heart

Oh no. Our artificial gravity has failed! Mayday mayday!Mr. ?

Judging by how Dolly's head jerked back and to the right, and how her hand flew up, I'd say the gunman was in the poorly drawn oak tree.Magus

Just go past the disco tree, take a left at the birds drawn by a three year old, go two miles, take a right at the 'mergency room sign and they'll fix your dislocated shoulder.Rainman

Nawww...the tree's not haunted! Billy's just behind it, plugging away at that knothole again!The Mad Whacker

"You heard of the stairway to heaven? This is the broke-ass, limp-dick hill to heaven."anon

"... And if you come out here and midnight and listen REALLLL carefully, you can hear Grandpa's screams for mercy as Dad puts the noose around his neck."Magus

The following spring, tourists came to gawk at the tree next to the ski slope with the "Kennedy-shaped" dent.hangtownman

Okay, Sisyphus, start pushing!Gen. Sedgwick

"Dig the topology: Dad's been watching Tex Avery again."Randall

"Well, it beats me how we got here, but that one rock is very definitely 'Yogi', and farther up you can see the tracks of the Mars Rover."anon

Armed with a nearby bush, the blood-thirsty oak waited paitently for them to within throwing range.Drummer

Yep, Grandpa's curse has been on this land ever since we sold his cadaver to the medical school.Namgubed the Merry Elf

"That fence is a broken-down has-been, heading downhill. If it was drunk, I'd call it 'Bil'."hangtownman

"You see, Jeffy. You weren't around to stop the demolishing of your house, now all that's left here is a scorched wasteland. You see, you weren't so useless after all." Sadly, Bil Keane's attempt at re-enacting 'It's a Wonderful Life' ended up losing $300Magus

"The oval-shaped rocks usually indicate Dad's been hitting the old Jacky D... and the half-decimated tree is brought on by the scotch.. Oh yeah, and the spiralling landscape is a metaphor for the downward momentum of our shit lives."devvie

And then, when we've made our way at least a quarter of the way around the Ringworld-- rishathra!mute

Try as she might, Dolly could never get Jeffy to look in the direction she pointed. It would take scores of generations for the Keanes to develop index fingers that extended past the first knuckle.Adam, madam

"Gee, Pippin, looks like Treebeard is doing the Cyndi Lauper thing."twomp

With the amazing new 'Dope-A-Tron' the kids could finally see Bill's PCP-induced hallucinations as they were happening!Lots42

Bil's been watching the Van Gogh documentary on A&E again. Just don't open any ear-shaped envelopes for the next week or so.Coalcracker

That tree called you a small-dicked, shit-for-brains, pot-bellied melonhead. You gonna take that?LadyJ

"All right, here's the hill. Now, as I understand it, we go up there, fetch a pail of water, and then I get to crack your skull open."ks

"Once we get up there, we'll be able to look out over the whole fucking dead-end hellhole of a town!"ks

"Despite his public endorsement and support of Christianity, Bil remained a fervent, if secret Bhuddist. Here, the subtle inclusion of the yin-yang symbol provides the telling proof." --There is No God! A Metaphysical Study of the Family CircusBlue Gargantua

Really, if you piss on that buzzing metal fence, you get special electro-powers! Go on, try it.Opti

"You know what they say, Jeffy: 'Good fences make good neighbors.' Now get the fuck on the other side and don't ever come back."M

"Jeffy! If you look *real* close, you can see the midget that hung himself!"SuperNova

That fellow doing tai chi by the tree under the green sky, the far-off birds of prey, all elements plundered from Van Gogh's representations of agrarian life, but here they seem scattered, unfocused, out-of-place, so you're just going to have to pull my finger.Moorlock

The Seventh Hole at Inverness is a challenging Par Five leading up to the sun's corona...Rotter

Fans of the series, knowing Joe Straczynski's "no kids or cute robots" pledge, knew that the presence of Dolly and Jeffy in the Babylon 5 arboretum meant that a massive bloodletting was moments away.Rotter

And then Tippi Hedren and Suzanne Pleshette yelled "Children!! Get inside! Hurry!!!" And Rod Taylor killed a grackle with his bare hands over by that tree! Some dumb shit kid ran in the wrong direction and got an eye pecked out!!! I tell ya, it was the BEST birthday party I ever went to.Ivan Itchcock

Hey, there's a human ear over there! Has Dad been watching Blue Velvet again, or is this just where Sonny Bono wiped out?Gen. Sedgwick

'In my opinion, Mr. Keane is obsessed with getting extended objects pulled. In nearly every cartoon he draws, a child extends a finger to be pulled. In this cartoon, the tree waits for its branch to be pulled. The birds offer their wings as well. This obsession is evidence of a very disturbed psyche.'--notes from Dr. D. Penn, Ph.D., Cartoon Psychologist. agm

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